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Monday, December 14, 2009

"This is not about instant gratification. You have to work hard for it, sweat for it, give up sleeping in on Sunday mornings."
-Lauren Fessenden, marathoner

Monday, November 30, 2009

Karleen's New Baby Girl

Karleen had her beautiful baby girl on November 26 at 12:59 am. She weighed 6lb 12oz and was 19.5 in. They named her Berkley Elizabeth. She is so pretty just like her mom. Seriously I didn't think it was possible to look beautiful after having a baby. It is so unfair. We are so happy for her and can't wait for our turn to love on her.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Grand Canyon

Hi Ya All!

I just had to share a few pictures and to tell you about my latest adventure with Sarah and my brother in law, Mike.

We hiked the Grand Canyon; Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim, 46 miles of pure beauty. The odds were stacked against us and we did it anyway. When I say odds, let me explain. First off, Mike sends me an email from the Grand Canyon that says NOT to attempt going down and up in one day. We are not only going down and up in one day, we are going down the south side, up the north side, back down the north side and back up the south side. Secondly, on one of our "practice hikes" Mike tells me that he has always had the impression that he was going to die young; my friend calls me and tells me that she just doesn't have a good feeling about me going and then Sarah has to tell me that she got voted "Most likely to die in the Wilderness" at girls camp!!! You would think this would be enough to stop any normal person. But we all know that Sarah isn't normal (ha ha) Thirdly; Mike had to bring up the fact that we were hiking on Friday the 13th. Fourthly; Sarah emails me and said she just might be starting her "monthly" I got to calculating and discovered that I would be too! (Poor Mike). Lastly; the weather report! Everyday was beautiful weather except for... you guessed it... the day we were to hike. The high's were to be around 30 and the lows in the teens. Everything considering, we did it and it was so fun! I couldn't have done it without Sarah, what a neat and wonderful gal! I can't tell you how much I love ya and how glad I am that you are as insane as me. Besides, If I had to hike alone with "Grumpy pants" I would have pushed him off the cliff. (you would have thought he was on his monthly)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Okay so I am very sad that I won't be there. I actually get teary eyed thinking about it. I love the race. It is so dang fun. The only reason I decided I could bow out was because Sarah said that Erika could join you. You will love her, she "Rocks" as Desmon says. We all appreciate you and your prayers thanks. I love you all. By the way I expect to see that you guys took first place.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Sorry this has nothing to do with the race, but my baby is due in 2 weeks and I have no idea what to name her. What do you guys like?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mixed Emotions (New Van Assignments)

I know some of you already know, but for those that don't, My sister Nikki is not going to be able to run Del Sol with us this year. I am very sad and disappointed, but know that it's the best decision for her and her family. We will miss her fun competitive attitude, and her ear muffs she calls headphones. We were all hoping to see her run with toilet paper sticking out her shorts again, But we do understand and only want the best for her and her family. We love you! Hang in there!!

On the upside we have one of my AWESOME friends from Utah joining us. Erika Wilde will be taking her place. We are going to Rock out to Bon Jovi Wed. night and then kick some Ragnar trash Friday. Since my sister is unable to run we have looked over the legs and decided to change things up a bit, well ALOT...Here are the new van and leg assignments.

Leg 1 Marinda
Leg 2 Karleen
Leg 3 Lori
Leg 4 Raquel
Leg 5 Katrina
Leg 6 Misty

Leg 7 Nikki (my niece)
Leg 8 Erika
Leg 9 Alison
Leg 10 Zhalore
Leg 11 Sarah
Leg 12 Stephanie

Sorry we scrambled things up. Hope everyone is excited, and if your not get your butt excited! We are going to have lots of FUN! Can't wait to see you all. I will let you know what time we start once I find out.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I really look forward to a hearty long slow run. You feel good while you're doing it, and get to feel good about yourself all day long after you're done.

Jennifer Van Allen, Special Projects Editor, Runner's World

Monday, November 2, 2009

HEY LADIES!! I realized I never told you all I actually got a long run in on vacation. Sarah and Nikki, thanks for the motivation. You were so right!! I didn't do 10 like I was supposed to but I got 7 in and had some hills in there. I figured the hills made up for the 3 miles I didn't run. Whatever makes me feel better about it, right? The run was georgous! I ran around a little lake and the trees were yellow, orange and red. I was completely lost in the beauty of the scenery and kinda forgot I was really running. I really enjoyed running in a new place. The town I was in is an extremely small town in Iowa and I felt like I was being stared at while I ran through town. I felt like people were looking at me because they didn't know who this weirdo was running through town that they didn't know. It was fun anyway. I wish there was that much beauty in Phoenix when I's just boring rocks and cactus. Blah!

I've been battling a sinus infection and haven't gotten much running in the last week. My head feels like it's going to explode. This weekend I was supposed to get 12 miles in and I crapped out at 6. I was really disappointed, but I couldn't breathe and my head was hurting-not to mention I had to circle back to my house 2 times to use the bathroom!! Why does that always happen to me?? lol I'm getting super nervous about the full marathon I'm supposed to do in Jan. Only 2 months away and the longest run I've done is 8 miles. Yikes! And the holidays are coming up and I suck at training during this time. I keep telling myself I have to keep going and getting my runs in. Ok...just thought I'd post a little something...keep running girlies!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hey Yall, What's UP??? So I ran today. Not as far as I would of liked to but hey I did get to go out and run. It was a nice day. Let's see it was about 45 degrees and cloudy. I was so excited to be outside. I get tired of the treadmill. I have some injuries so I have been doing more strength training and YOGA. I hate YOGA!!! I am not flexible at all. It is a very good way to prevent injuries though, so hey bring it on. I am always up for a challenge. I think I fall more than actually doing the poses(sp?). So if you want a good laugh just join me for YOGA. I am so glad all of you are posting. I think it helps all of us to stay focused even if we don't post something. See you in February!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I finished!!!

Okay so I did a 8.3 mile run today with a 4 mile upgrade. I am proud to say I did it and I survived. It kicked my A!!! But I did survive. I have run 18 miles so far this week. My goal is 25. Good luck on the training. Can't wait to see you all!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hold me accountable...

I leave tomorrow evening to go visit my sister in Nebraska. I'll be there till Tuesday. My training schedule says I need to do a 10 mile run this weekend. I know I won't want to do it while I am on vacation, but I need to. I am telling you girls this so I can be held accountable and make sure I do it!! And if I'm a loser and end up not doing it, you have my permission to yell at me and tell me I suck. :0)

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Good Day!

Okay so it has been awhile. I decide Wed. I would try and run a longer run just to see how I would do. The longest distance I have ran since Wasatch was a 10k in July. Ever since then I have been doing 5-5.5miles a day. So I jumped on the treadmill, "yes, I'm back to the old treadmill." And ran 7miles in 58 min. Not to bad for an Old lady. I felt really good. If I would have had time I would have kept going. It felt so great to get my run on again. Ever since I sprained my ankle it's been tough to get the distane in. But I feel like I'm finally back! And just in time to start the Del Sol training. Hope everyone's training is going good....I know it's hard to get out there, or on the treadmill, but once your finished OH WHAT A FEELING! Hopefully now I can get some of this poundage off, I've put on since my ankle injury.

Now to let everyone know, since Zhalore's not tooting her own horn.....She did the St. George marathon. And did Great! So proud of you girl. After seeing you did one and my friend Stephanie is training for Boston. I think I might have to take one on. Any one want to start training for one with me? I need a training partner. Since all my running girls live far away it will have to be an online buddy. Anyone in??????

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I want to tell Kim thanks for being so much fun and that we are going to miss her. We are really said that you won't be with us. We will see you next time. Tell Em we love her and miss her.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hello again, I AM BACK. Okay so here it is again the leg assignments. And yes they have changed. I warned you this may happen. We had someone new join our team and so here we are...
2-Nikki(Sarah's neice)
So lets get training! They may change if situations do, so keep posted and just keep up the good training!

Go figure...

...that I break my rusty time on an 8 mile run. I got in 8 miles this morning at a 9:24 pace. I realized that my longer runs are usually better times. I must require more time to get warmed up and get into my cadence! Seems I don't get really into my run until the 2-2.5 mile mark.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey to all of you. Here are the legs that I have assigned. They may change but for now this is what I have. I hope all of you will be able to train your best so that these runs will be cake walk for you. And if they already are cake walk for you then great! I would like to get all of your paces for a 10k. So please post them so that I will know. That info may change the leg assignments.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Who's In

I would really like to get started on legs with Lori and Nikki so I need to figure out who is in for sure. This is who I have.
1) Lori
2) Karleen
3) Sarah
4) Me
5) Nikki (if her ankle is o.k. I hope so)
6) Raquel
7) Katrina
8) Kim
9) Zhalore
10) Stephanie
11) Misti ?
12) Alison ?
This is what I have. The ? means I haven't heard that they are for sure in. If you know please post it so we can get started. I am dieing to know what my legs will be like.
AAAAhhhhh I just signed up for the Runners Series so I"m a for sure for the St. George Marathon. What am I thinking?! I am actually really excited. Stop my mid-life crisis!
I ran 10 this morning and felt really good. I think I'm getting excited again after feeling a little burned out.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So my hubby surprised me with a bosch and wheat grinder. I have made cookies, cake, meat rolls, bread twice, and gained 5 pounds!! So now I am going to kick it into gear. Time to put the game face on. WooHoo!!


Even after all these years, running continues to amaze me. Mostly in its ability to clarify - to make things OK and bring you back down to earth, even when things are insane. Especially when things are insane. --Mark Remy, Executive Editor, Runners World Magazine

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Since Nikki is not going to brag on herself I decided to do it for her. She has had a sore foot and not many chances to run because of major responsibilities at home and she is still amazing. She ran a 10 mile run the other day and did a pace of 8.15. And she was trying to take it easy on her foot. Nikki you and all my sisters are amazing. You guys are SUPER STARS!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I signed up to get daily motivation quotes from Runners World. I got this today and I liked it so I thought I would share. I'll share others whenever I get good ones.

I ran and ran every day, and I acquired a sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never, give up, no matter what else happened. ~Wilma Rudolph, US track star

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Katrina and I went for a six mile run and it was great. We both agree that having a running buddy is fun and totally helps keep you motivated. Just wanted to tell Katrina how much fun I had seeing her and hope we can do it again. Del Sol will be fun.

Monday, September 14, 2009

5K PR for me!

This past Saturday I was the running leg in a sprint tri for the Special Olympics. My run portion was a 5k. It was about 90 degrees so I know I could have done so much better if I didn't feel like I was going to puke from dehydration/heat exhaustion. I ran it in 28:32. I know this doesn't look very good to most of you since you are all animals and could have done 7 or 8 minute miles, but it was good for me!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh no you didn't!!!

Hey guys yes I am still here. I was humbled the other day though. I was running and I thought I was doing okay and this little skinny 85-90 pound chic and I met on the trail by the cedar hills golf course and at the time we were running the same pace and I thought okay kick it in and well needless to say she did and she freakin kick my trash. She ran probably a whole minute faster than me. When we approached the hill, the last climb, I couldn't find her she had lost me literally in her dust. I came home so pissed off that I got schooled by her. I thought she looked the way my Dez will when she grows up and I had to laugh thinking I just got rocked by my daugthter. I do hope that one day Dez will kick my but. So I tried to tell myself that I haven't been getting enough sleep and that I was at the end of my long run and she was doing a tempo run, you know what ever it takes to make me feel better about myself, but the truth is we all can improve. I shared it with my kids and they laughed. They think it is funny when I get the trash kicked out of me. We build each other up so well.

Monday, September 7, 2009

We can win Del Sol

As I was looking at last years results unless I'm wrong there was 29 minutes between us a 1st. place. That really is not bad. I think if we all work really hard we can do this! I know a bunch of girls in my ward that just finished the Red Rock Relay and I got so excited again. Lets Run!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

To Make All you Runners out There Feel Real Good

Count your Blessings. You could be running with this.

I had a guy ask me tonight if I was 9 months pregnant, while my sister-in-law who is 8 months pregnant was sitting right next to me and he did not even notice she was pregnant. Seriously just don't ask me anymore people. This was one of many comments I have gotten this past month about how big I look. You think I am big now you just wait 3 more months I'll show you big. This is why Marinda had the Triplets and not me. Sorry I am a little sensitive right now. I probably should have waited until tomorrow to post this.
Oh, I guess I should let everyone know the pregnancy is going great and I am having a girl. Woo Hoo!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank You Sarah

Just wanted to thank Sarah for that pep talk on running hard. I really needed it. I have gotten lazy but I am back working hard hoping to do at least as well as I did last year. So I hope everyone is doing great and having fun running.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


How is everyone doing? I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. I am going to download some pictures of the wasatch back I promise. Life is so crazy right now I don't know if I'm coming or going. Em and I ran the Provo half marathon and we got the best time we ever have. It was so fun to have her here and run together. I'll be so glad when she moves back. Is everyone planning on the Del Sol? Is anyone out there?

Friday, July 17, 2009

To the Del Sol Ladies....

This is early too, but I am pretty sure my mom will be up for being our photographer/driver. Just thought I'd throw that out there...


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Del Sol in Feb.

I know this is way far in advance, but I just wanted to see who was still interested in DelSol. We did awesome this year and really think we have a chance of winning it next year. (well our division). If you are interested in running it let me know. We want to get a little more competetive next year. What I mean by this is that we don't care what anyones time is we just would like everyone to do there best and be committed. But we don't want to be so competitive that it's not fun. Let me know who is in.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Can you please contact me? I have information on Ragnar Las Vegas. Looks like we're going to get a team together after all.



Monday, June 29, 2009

Las Vegas

Hi all,

Well, I have been unsuccessful in finding enough runners for the Ragnar Las Vegas. I did some math and it would be about $160 per person. That's assuming that we have to rent cars and I am unable to find sponsors.

Since I have been unable to find enough people to fill the team, I don't want to take a risk and pay the fee, hoping that we find another 6 members. With that said, I am sorry. I love relay races, but I think I will hold off on Las Vegas.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saints and Sinners

Hi all,

Just wondering if the Las Vegas Ragnar is a go for sure? I'd like to do it, I know that Tami wants to do it, and I saw that there were others that said they were in. What do we need to do? It looks as if we need to register by June 30th to get the early discount, and the promo of 2 rooms at the Red Rock Casino.

Let me know.

- Deni

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey I wanted to tell all of you great job. You beat our time from last year. I am so sorry for all of the craziness you had to go through. And I hope those of you who were not feeling well are better. And Sarah you are a STUD. I have always believed in you and I knew that you had it in you. You too Rin and Kar. I don't know why you ever questioned me. You all did a great job finishing a very trying race. Y'all ROCK!!! It was killing me not to be there. But my baby needed me. She had surgery again today and is still in the PICU. Deni thanks for helping with the kids the other day I really appreciated it. Hey Lori take care of yourself would you! Go get that heal fixed, we need you next year at the Del Sol. I am looking forward to the next race. I love you all and appreciate your love and prayers. Thanks Nikki.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is you captain speaking...

Wow, what a Crazy time this has been and we still have to run the race!! We have had some trouble keeping runners on our team. I can't figure out if it is Marinda or Lori that keeps running them off! Just kidding!! Some our ladies have had a few injuries and other commitments that have had to come first. But, I think as of Monday, we have a team that is committed. The 2 newest members are Candice and Tami. Thanks to both of you for joining our team! We are excited to have you.

Van 1

1- Marinda
2- Karleen
3- Candice (a friend of mine)
4- Zhalore
5- Lori
6- Sarah

Van 2

7- Deni
8- Kandice
9- Kim
10- Tami (a friend of Deni)
11- Alison
12- Melissa

I sent out an e-mail to everyone, but just a reminder we will be meeting at Brick Oven on Thursday night a 6:00 for dinner. Van 1, we will be loading our gear that night so bring your things to Brick Oven and we will all get packed. Both Vans are going to be leaving Friday morning for the start of the race since we have a late staring time this year. Kim sent out an e-mail to Van 2 with details about their Friday morning travels and I will be sending out one for Van 1, so watch for my e-mail.

I wanted to go over how much money you may want to bring. You should all have received an e-mail from Ragnar that talked about the exchange "Alternate hangout areas" (AHA) and the cost for food and showers. You will want to plan on around $25.00 for food and showers if you plan on buying food at every exchange and "AHA". Usually in the past each person has chipped in around $20-25 for food and water, so plan on around that much for food and water for the van. Also, Sarah figured out how much we each owe for shirts. It is $30.00 per person, pay that directly to Sarah. Awesome price for 3 shirts that have been screen printed (thanks to the companies that have made donations). Gas money in the past has been about $20 per person. We also chipped in a little and gave cash to the families that let us borrow their vans for the race. I'm not sure what we will do this year, we will decide that later. Bottom line, plan on bringing around $100-$110.00 CASH with you for food, showers, sleeping, gas, shirts and misc.

As far as a list of things to bring, that was posted on June 2nd. You can go and look at that post if you want to see a list the items that are suggested to bring.

The Race Bible is full of rules we need to follow and our team has some basic rules also. This is a race, but not one we are out to win. We don't care if you have the slowest pace ever or you walk your leg. We are out to have FUN. So bottom line, HAVE FUN and under no circumstance is the Race Bible to be used as a weapon! Wa ha ha!!! Too funny! See you all Friday.


"You have to wonder at times what you're doing out there. Over the years, I've given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement." - Steve Prefontaine

"In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that." -Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder

Just a little motivation for you all! I want to wish you good luck and happy running! I'll be thinking of you this weekend while I am in dream land and you are running the roads of UT. :o) Can't wait to hear about it, so make sure you blog on here about your kick ass times and that you placed 1st in the all womens pressure! Kar-take care of your pregnant self out there and stay hydrated!

Make sure you kill all the moose you see! Have fun girls and make it for Dez, she'll be proud no matter what!! Love ya!!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Dez getting better!

Hi team,
For all those that didn't know, my sister Nikki who was running the race with us is no longer able too. (We have, found a replacement.) My sisters daughter has Crohns disease. She went into surgery and ended up with a bad infection, and has been in the pediatric ICU for 7 days. There were numerous times that we thought she may not be coming home, but she has improved. Her vital signs have been stable for 24hrs. Her fever is normal and everything is looking up! The doctors were hoping to start weening her off the respirator today. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words. My other sisters and I are still excited for the race and can't wait to see those that we know and meet those that we don't.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey thanks for all of the love and support. I don't think I am a stud you guys are all too nice. But hey thanks for the compliment. You all could do it. I believe in all of you. I have seen all of you run. I will give it my all. It will probably kick my butt. I will be traning the last few weeeks from a hospital room. I will be at Primary Children's, so I am not sure how much traning I will be doing. I can't wait to see you all. And to my sisters, you guys are the reason we do these races. We love to see each other and hang out, and to see each other accomplish such great feats. You sisters are my true strength and support. You all have been so helpful this year. I needed the love and listening ear this year way more than I have ever needed it. I love you all so much. It has made me realize how important family is. Yall are great!!!! And Kar thanks so much for always being so willing to help out with the kids we all love you and your family so much. I will see all of you in a few weeks.

Going To Miss You

Well Nikki I heard you will most likely be in the other van. It really bums me out. I am so sorry. You know if you weren't such a stud runner then you wouldn't have to take one of the hardest legs. Maybe something will come up but if not i just wanted you to know how much I love you. I will still be cheering you on. Love You Big Sis!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Runner Found!!!

We have found ourselves a new runner! Her name is Tiffany Ashman. She is a friend of mine and is awesome! She will be running Nikki's leg 3. Thank you Nikki for switching to Van 2. We will miss you in Van 1 :(

Flight Plan

Lori and I will be flying in to Salt Lake at 12:45 on thursday, so we can eat dinner whenever.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shout Out to Van #2 People

Hi everyone!
I just got off the phone with are Captain O Captain Zhalore and here is the idea that we have for Van #2. Kandice lives in Morgan which would be an hour drive into Logan. The van is in Utah County and so all those (Nikki you probably want to be with your sisters which is totally they way it should be.) But, for the rest of us, Alison, her husband Dez?, Deni, Melissa, Me, and my mom we could ride up in the van, meet the rest of van #1 and Kandice for dinner. Van #1 would head up to Lori's in laws to stay the night and we Van #2 could go to the store and get our food and drinks, and ice then go and sleep at Kandice's home. We would then meet everyone at a certain time and location in Logan to decorate the vans and go to the starting line to cheer on van #1. Kandice has more than enough room for us and a bed for my mom and air mattresses for the rest of us as well as bathrooms. She said we could have the upstairs of her home. Also, after our first run we can wait at her house as it is on the course and shower and rest! Woooohooo for us. Please let me know your feelings about this so we can make a plan. I would like to go up Thurs. so that we can all get to know each other. I will bring up 2 huge coolers one for food and one for water and drinks. We already have a race bible for our van, vests, and red beacons. I have a head lamp does anyone else have another one that could be for our van also?
I am so excited!!!!!

A Plan, A Plan!!!

Sorry!! I forget that others are wondering what in the world is going on. Especially those of you that have not done a Ragnar Relay before and really don't know what to expect. Kim, you have very good questions! :) I hope this helps everyone.

We are set with an Expedition for Van 1 and Sarah is pretty sure we can use the same Van as last year for Van 2. Yes, we will owe money for shirts. Plan on owing Sarah around $30-$40, she will let us know. As of right now we don't have shirts for our drivers. It's a great idea, but I don't know if it's something any of us have time to figure out. Are you volunteering, Kim? ;) One thing we need to get done is find another runner for Van 2! I'm sure we will find someone, it just is getting a little crazy. Thanks to everyone for your help looking and recruiting people!!! We also need to find out what time Lori and Marinda are flying in on Thursday before we make any set plans for the day. But our basic plan for Thursday is to first meet at Karleen's (I'm not sure what time). From there maybe to the airport to pick up Lori and Marinda and then out to dinner. Van 1 will be staying at Lori's in-laws (same as last year). Van 2, it sounds like you have a couple of options of places to stay, you can decide between your group where you want to stay. Then on Friday morning we can meet and shop for food and then decorate our vehicles. Our starting time is 11:45. If Van 2 wants to be with Van 1 when we start, that would be fun!!

Here is the list of runners for our team:

Van 1
1- Marinda Parry
2- Karleen Rehrer
3- Tiffany Ashman
4- Zhalore Averett
5- Lori Nelson
6- Sara Reed

Van 2
7- Deni Berger
8- Kandice Compass
9- Kim Weight
10- Nikki Rowley
11- Alison Lomax
12- Melissa Hoen

Sarah had a great list for packing when we ran the Del Sol. I am going to copy and paste it for those that haven't done this before or want it as a check list.

Sarah's list for packing
sleeping bag
toothbrush and paste
shampoo,soap,and things to make me pretty
Towel washcloth
deoderant(this is mandatory for Van 1)
Visor or hat
2 longsleeve shirts for under race shirt.
1 windbraker just in case
1 pair of gloves (the night runs can get cold)
running shoes
1 pair of running pants
1 capri?
3 shorts
comfy clothes and slip on shoes for when I'm not running
1 pair of jammies
bag for my smelly clothes
$$$$- Money for gas and food, maybe around $100 ???

It's going to be a lot of fun!!! I can't wait. If anyone has any questions, call me 801-489-8513.

Kim, I will have both race bibles ready for both vans. One thing you will need to get with your van on is the decorations. We were thinking of getting the window markers and writing our team name and all of our van members names on our vehicles. I'll call you and explain what we did last year for our decorations and see what you think. Also, there is a captains meeting on Wed. June 10th at 7:00pm in Kaysville if you want to come with me. If not, it's not a big deal.


I do not think everyone knows but we have lost 2 runners for van #2 I think we have replaced one, but still need a strong runner for Ragnar hill. If you know anyone let us know ASAP. Kim please read my response to your comment on (Plan???)let me know what you think.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Just curious do we know where and when we are meeting on Thurs. the 18th or are we just meeting up before the race? Are we meeting to decorate vans? Is the time for starting still 11:45a.m. on Friday and do we know for sure who is running exactly what? Sorry, I just turned 40 so my mind isn't what it use to be. Just Kidding (actually I'm totally serious, unless it is written down I have no clue.)Zhalore tell me what I need to do for van#2. Coolers?, copy of the Race Bible so that our #2 drivers can follow the course and be navigators? Who and how much do we need to pay $ to for the shirts? Do we have shirts for our drivers? Do we have vans? Sorry I know I sound like such a OCD mom but just curious. Thanks for all your doing O Captain my Captain Zhalore!!!!

I'm in shock!!

I ran 8.5miles on saturday. Everyone sitting down in a chair with a back? My pace was 7:49. I'm still in shock! I can't believe it! Is it the new shoes, the 5 mile tempo runs or my new running partner? I really don't care just excited! It is making me want to train for a marathon. What am I thinking?! HUMMMM, or maybe a 1/2 marathon.....

Well I can't wait to see you guys! We are leaving the 10th. We should get as many as we can together and do a run. What do you think? See yall soon!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

OH MY GOSH 20 DAYS....What?

Is this timer really working? I had so many emotions go through me when I saw that 20stairing back at me. Excited, nervous, panic, more excited and a little more panic. I can't wait to see you guys again. I'm ready for another ab work out. Can't wait to laugh and enjoy the company! Hope I'm ready for my hill.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What the crap?

I don't know if the Marathon sucked all the life out of me or what. I ran 12 today and I felt like I had never ran before. I took a week off to try and feel my quads as they normally should and so Tuesday I did an easy 5 and today I thought I can go far. I only did an 8:30 average and I am not pregnant just old and tired. Karleen are you announcing something if so wooohooo girl you rock and if your not announcing something woohoo you still rock. I can't even function prego let alone run. I am so excited to be with all of you and instead of making myself sick with worry I am just going to come and laugh my head off with all of you and do my best. I feel like I have the endurance but not a tremendous amount of speed increase. (It's cause I turned 40) Can't wait to play I just hope the weekend we run it will be a little cooler instead of hotter.

Time for a new quote!

I pulled out my training log for the first time in a long time. It wasn't to write down my miles but to look for a new quote. I think I like the funny quotes the best. I don't know, but maybe it's because I like to laugh. So I picked this one...
"The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could hear heavy breathing again."
- Erma Bombeck

Blah Blah Blah

You guys make me sick. I am too embarrassed to post my times, that's why I don't put my training on here. I ran 10 Sat. but I could never post my time. Karleen if you consider an 8:49 as slowing down than I really suck. I was tempted to tell everyone I was pregnant just to get a little lee way on my time but I guess that wouldn't work with you in here kicking butt still. I am training and will keep training but I won't be posting any times. You guys are awesome and amazing. I Love You!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Karleen's training

I will post just so Sarah feels better. I ran 8 miles this Saturday with quite a few heels. My pace was 8:49. This baby sure has slowed me down, but I am still really excited and can't wait to see you all.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Where are all my running peeps?

I guess it's just Deni and I...You guys better start getting on here and getting excited for the RACE. It's coming up FAST! Deni, we usually all go to the store together and by food for the race. And there are plenty of restrooms! I had to laugh when you were telling about your dream, becuase I had a similar dream before my first relay. You are going to have soo much fun! It's so nice too, because you have a team behind you rooting you on. It helps with the nerves! Can't wait to see you. When is your tri-athelon? I would love to start doing them, but I can't afford a bike yet and I really got to work on swimming.

Well hope you all had a great Memorial Day! Well I hope I see more of you on here soon. Excited to see you all!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ok Ladies - after reading Sarah's last post, WB filled my dreams last night.

I woke up this morning with questions....

What do I do for food? Do we bring snacks, etc? I'm assuming we do. (I don't expect to be fed, I'm just wondering what you all do for fuel.)

Also, part of my dream was waiting for Nikki to hand the baton off to me (Not sure who will actually do that, but in the dream it was Nikki) ... and I had to use the rest room. Of course I couldn't find the dang was like walking through a place naked - you know the dreams. Hopefully my husband didn't get an ear full in the middle of the night. If he did, he's forgotten it.

Anyway, I'm assuming there are several restrooms throughout the routes??? Although, if this race is anything like the others I've done, who needs a cleanse?

I think that's it for now. I'll admit, I'm a little nervous running with you all....

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hey guys just had to let you know about my great run this morining. I ran a 10 miler at an 8min pace. That is AWESOME for me. I think the fastest average pace on a 10 miler has been 8:45. So I feel pretty good. I went with one of Erika's friends from HS and College. We are planning to run another 10 next Sat. I'm just really excited and proud of myself, so I had to share it with you. WB is coming up fast! Hope I'm ready for my 8 mile climb. Hope training is going well for all of you. Can't wait to see you all and meet those I haven't met yet. Happy Training!

Monday, May 18, 2009


This morning I went to Salem and rode my bike and then ran. I have a triathlon coming up in 2 weeks, so I thought I'd just go and gauge an approximate time for myself so I'm not too hard on myself later. Anyway, as I was getting out of my van I lathered myself up with a great product, when I say lathered, I really just mean I rubbed it under my arms so I wouldn't Chafe.

Then I thought of the e-mail or blog post or whatever it was that talked about chafing in the last race that you all did so I thought I would share if you don't know what the product is.

It is called Body Glide. It is a must have! It is water proof, and as you start to sweat, it protects your body from chafing. It's almost like vaseline, but not quite.

Most triathletes use it, and I don't know how many runners use it, but you can put it under your arms, on your feet if you tend to get blisters, between your legs, if you're like me and you've allowed yourself to get a little too chunky there. (I'm sure none of you are like that, but I am and so...)

You can find it at any running store, or triathlon store. It will cost you about 10 bucks and it looks like a stick of deodorant.

It will save your precious little body.

The end.

Hey Marathon Kim!!!

How did it go?!?!?! I want to hear about it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Start Time

Hi ladies!

I got an e-mail today with our start time, as I'm sure you all got it too. Looks like we start at 2pm - whew!

...right in the heat of the day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Am Back In the Game

Well I wasn't to worried about my legs so I was taking it easy. Then they changed the legs and now I am leg 6 and my first run is like 7 miles up hill. So now I am freaking out. Lori is getting nervous to so she will kick my butt into gear. No worries, right. We are upping our miles and putting in more hills. I am way excited!! Looking forward to feeling like I am going to through up and die. My kind of work out.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Karleen!!

I had to let my little sister know how much I love her. I can't imagine growing up without you with me every step of the way. You are so amazing. You are so natural at so many things and beautiful even when you run all night, no make up, and sweaty hair. We are love you so much and couldn't ask for a better little sis. Wish I could be there. Love you ton!! Have a Great Day!!

KIMS 40!!!

Just wanted to give a birthday wish to my sweet, awesome, amazing, tuff, beautiful sister who is turning the big 40 today!! I think she is handling it okay but just in case her sisters sent her a package with tools of how to deal: grandma panties, support hose, reading glasses, and a big support bra because we heard that when you hit that age group they sag!! (It was the biggest thing I have ever seen a 50G, it fit on my head and then some, and I have a big head??!!) Love ya sista and I wish I could be there to celebrate!! Your my hero and I love ya!!

Dont hate me for putting this up!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Okay this a shout out for Lori, Marinda, and all you other girlies who've been neglecting me!

Where are you!! Don't tell me you have a life, cause I'm not buying it. I miss you guys! I am going for 40 miles next week anyone in with me? Only 50 more days! I can't wait 'til June! Kim good job!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Las Vegas Ragnar

I just saw that they are going to have a Ragnar Las Vegas in October. That would be a blast! All interested? I think I just try to find anything to be a part of doing something I enjoy. As for training I am kicking butt and taking names. I just hope that after the marathon I don't injure myself for the Ragnar because I am looking most forward to playing with all you gals! My mom is way excited to be a part of it and is looking forward to meeting all of youl! When the weather is good I want to run run run when the weather sucks I don't but I am trying!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hey yall!!!!

Is anyone out there? I went to Vegas this last weekend and it was GREAT!! Erika and I went on a trail run threw the desert. It was great it went up these rocky mountains and it was beautiful. It was a good run. Anyone else running? I miss you guys! Is it the new background or what?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live wElle 5K

I had mentioned to a few of you that there is a race in Springville called the Live wElle Run. It is a race that was started in memory of little Elle Hullinger who passed away a few years ago due to a tragic accident. She has such an amazing family who starting this race in memory of her and the money raised goes towards such a good cause, scholarships for 2 students per year. I think it is such a good race to be involved in. If anyone else wants to run it with me, I would love it! The website you can go to for the information is You can register at or print out a registration form from the Live wElle website and mail it in. It is a very well organized race and they do prizes and a raffle that is a lot of fun!

Date: May 23, 2009
Location: Hunter Valley Park — 1250 S. 2200 E. — Springville, Utah
Time: 5K Race - 7:30 a.m. Kids Fun Run - 8:45 a.m.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hey Guys!
Just curious to see how everyones trainings going? Mine is good somedays and BLAH on others. Like today was a BLAH! But I did run a 5 mile tempo run on Monday and did it in 38 min. I was pretty happy with that. I also did a race on Saturday and end up taking 2nd. When they first posted it I had taken 5th in my age group, but they sent me an email saying that there were some errors and to recheck the results....I was totally surprised. But I really need a fire under my BUTT so please keep me up dated on your training. It keeps me motivated. Also I just burned the last DVD yesterday so I will be mailing them out soon. If you haven't sent me your address please do. Thanks can't wait to see you guys!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah

Sarah I just had to say happy birthday to one of the best sister's in the world. You are so giving, kind and fun to be around. I love you so much. Have a good day. Karleen


Hi all!

I received an e-mail from Ragnar about paying instead of having volunteers. So, do I need to pay, or do I need to see if I can help get a volunteer?


- Deni

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here is the Video!

YOU better enjoy it, because it was a PAIN in the A_ _ to make! Just kiddin', well not about the pain in the A_ _ part....But even though it was,I loved making it. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! I miss you guys and can't wait for Wasatch!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey Zhalore don't worry about the book. We found another one on line and ordered it so no big deal. I was just stresses about finding one because it took her a while to find the first one. Anyways thanks for your help. See you in June.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have You Seen A Book?

When we ran Del Sol Zhalore brought me a book from Utah for my cousin and I can't find it. It was called the Lion and the Lamb, I think and it was still in the book store bag. It was taken out of the van when we were cleaning them. If you have seen it please let me know.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Are you ready?!? So, let me just say, if you don't like the leg you were assigned, sorry! If you REALLY don't like your leg, check with others and maybe you can switch to one in your van you like better.

Van 1
1 - Karleen Rehrer
2- Lori Nelson
3- Marinda Parry
4- Zhalore Averett
5- Nikki Rowley
6- Sarah Reed

Driver 1- Karleen's Hubby ?
Driver 2- Zhalore's Hubby ?

Van 2
7- Deni Berger
8- Kim Weight
9- Erica Wilde
10- Tonya Pead
11- Alison Lomax
12- Kandice Compas

Driver 1- Alison's Hubby
Driver 2- Kim's Mom

Just a little update on drivers. We felt it would be a good idea to have a male driver in each van. We thought it would make us all feel a little safer when we do our night runs and we would also have a priesthood holder in case someone needed a blessing. We also thought it wouldn't hurt to have 2 drivers per van, so they could switch off if one driver was tired.

Everyone keep using the blog to keep updated and in touch. It's going to be such a BLAST!!! Can't wait.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hey guys just wanted you to know I got 12 trophies (silver batons that say Bronze Gods Del SOl 2009 202 miles)in the mail today. They sent them to me with a congratulations for placing third. I was pretty excited! I didn't realize you got anything if you placed. I will try to get them to you ASAP. Those that live in UT, do you want me to send them or just bring them when I come? If you want me to send them, email me your address. Can't wait for Wasatch. I am getting soooooo excited!!! Also girls from AZ send me your addresses!! Great Job Team!!!!! Can't wait for Wasatch. I am getting soooooo excited!!!

momsfoundtherapy and kicked butt

Where is Everyone?

So Ready for real clean bathrooms, (Val, Lori, Em, and Kim)
Em got the moose!

What the heck?! we do a race together and then all of a sudden nobody is writing in on the blog. What like you have a real life outside of running and momsfoundtherapy? Just kidding so do I but I would love to hear how all of you are doing? Do we have any assignments yet for the Wasatch Back? I am going to know the course this time after getting lost once and having someone ditch the signs on my last run. RUDE! So just curious and anxious and excited! My mom is going to be a driver and she is so excited! I am excited for her to meet you all. I am going to try and post some pictures and Sarah I am dying to see what you are creating with the pictures you are AWESOME!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making a DVD

Hey guys send me your photos. I am going to make a DVD. I already started it. It's going to be awesome. I am planning on sending it in to the video contest. Maybe we can win a free entry to the next Del Sol. Katrina sent a cd which worked great. But you can also email them. Here is my address and email. 8269 N. Rocky Brook Dr. Tucson, AZ 85743. EMAIL Can't wait to see your photos. Molly I loved what you did on your blog!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hey Girlfriends!!

I woke up this morning happy to be in my comfortable bed and happy to be with my husband and children who I missed but then all of a sudden I was sad because I missed all of you! All of you are so amazing. I think my abs hurt more from laughing then my legs from running. It was seriously the best therapy for me. When I got out of bed though I realized that my abs were sore and my legs so what the crap I should just go back to bed! I went running a short run since I'm a dork and think I can train for a marathon in May and as I was running vans would pass me on the road and I'd think "Man, why aren't they cheering me on suckers!" Oh yeah I am done with the race. 4th leg anyone? If we get an opening for the Wasatch Back Em is so sad that she is missing it. If we get an opening we would somehow figure out a way to get her out her. It only takes 12 hours to climatize and she would be back to killin some Moose! I just went and said good bye to her and my eyes are swollen from crying. I am so sorry if we drove any of you crazy, we seriously had the greatest time! I am going to miss her so much. However, so sorry for those of you doing Wasatch Back I'll BE BACK! I hope you are all doing well and know that your missed. Thank you for a wonderful time!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hey girlfriends of Mom's Found Therapy!
I couldn't wait to brag about my weekend...

Thank-you to everyone on the team. I had such an amazing time! I will for sure be doing this again - except next time I'll make sure I won't be pregnant (which is still a secret to everyone else down here because of my history with miscarrying).

To everyone doing Wasatch Back; good luck! And if you see any of the Moose people, score a kill for me.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Shout out!

I just wanted to send a shout out to all you ladies running the Del Sol. Good Luck! Have fun! and...know that we are all pulling for you.

See you in June.

- Deni


Okay everybody take a deep breath and relax. I here there are people really nervous and stressed about what to bring. Don't be. If you don't bring enough money I will spot you and you can pay me back. If you forget an item, we will buy it when we get there or you can borrow mine. The only thing you have to have to run is a pair shorts, sports bra, shirt, socks, and running shoes. Notice I didn't even post undies, they are nice to have, but you can manage without. And if you're as flat as I am you can forget the sports bra too and it wouldn't matter. So please don't worry. If you forget something besides your running shoes, you'll be fine. Also I posted my packing list, so you can always referr to it after you get packed, as a check list/while your packing, whatever works. Bring $100 - $120 cash in 20s.Here is a list of what the money will be going towards. This is per person.

$3 for spaghetti dinner (I will pay $40, and you guys just pay the $3 once you get change. You can get change when we buy groceries.)
Van borrowing fee $20
gas money $40 (approx maybe less)
Hotel $30 (just for those that are staying in Mesa, and I don't need the money until we check in)
Food $20 (approx maybe less)

For anyting else you can use your checkbook, debit or credit card.

Don't worry about the money for the shirts. I will be paying for the shirts with the sponsor money. If it doesn't cover the whole cost, I will divide up whats left over and you can mail it to me.

Thursday, we are meeting in Mesa at 3:00pm at Lori Nelsons sisters her address is
3500E. Red Oak Ln. Gilbert, 85297. Incase you get lost call Lori 928-240-0293
Also if your spouse or family wants to meet you at the finishline that would be great!I hope this covers everything. Oh, one more thing, we already bought the running tail lights and paid for it with sponsor money. Thank you, Thank you, Sponsors!!!!

Please if you have any questions call Me 520 572-9191

Hey Sarah!

What did you find out about the lights? Do I need to stop and get some of those I emailed you?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good News!!

We had enough sponsor money to pay for the shirts and even had money left over to pay for running tail lights (a new rule). So you just need to bring $20 for van rental, cash for gas and food and then if your staying the night in Mesa money for the rooms. I am planning on bringing $100.00 in $20's. That should be plenty. I am reposting my list of items for those that would like to use it as a check list. It's almost game time!!! Can't wait to see and meet alot of you! Be prepared for a fun wild weekend!

At least 2 headlamps per van it is nice to have more, but not mandatory.
At least 2 Reflecting vest per van it is nice to have more, because you can not get out of the van at night without a vest on. You will get penalized if caught.
2 running safety tail lights per van.
Sarah's list for packing
sleeping bag
toothbrush and paste
shampoo,soap,and things to make me pretty
Towel washcloth
deoderant(this is mandatory for van2)
2 longsleeve shirts for under race shirt.
1 windbraker just in case
1 ear warmer (thats for two ears) in case your wondering
1 pair of gloves
running shoes
1 pair of running pants
1 capri?
3 shorts
comfy clothes and slip on shoes for when I'm not running
1 pair of jammies
bag for my smelly clothes

Again you don't have to use this list, but it's here if you need it. Also if you guys have nay questions call me 520 572-9191. Those that have headlamps and vest bring them. It would be better to have to many, than not enough.
OK, I just got mondo butterflies when I logged on and saw "3 DAYS" on the countdown!! Whoa!!

Up until this point I've been preparing my game for the race, I think I've done all I can for that.
Now I'm starting to get all my ducks in a row and trying to organize things for my husband and kids while I'm away (Utah girls, my hat goes off to you for making the trip!).

I'm coming across some questions...I'm sure I'll come across more as I keep checking things off my list. But here are a few I have now:

1. I know I owe people money. Shirts? Van? Food? Just tell me who and how much. Maybe I should just bring my checkbook?

2. What is the agenda for Thursday? What time are we meeting in Mesa? Where exactly?

3. Is there anything else (besides the list that was posted) that I should bring? I've never done this type of race before and if a veteran Ragnar Relay-er could give me some inside tips that would be awesome!

4. Should I have my husband meet me at the finish line? Totally unsure how that is going to work.

Alright, I think those are my major questions. Anyone and everyone feel free to shout out your answers! :)

I was telling Val, I feel a lot like a girl who's going to her first year of girl's camp and I want to bring everything just in case. I'm super nervous, but totally excited. I can't wait to meet all you wonderful woman and make some lasting memories!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Almost Here!!

I am getting so excited!!! I am also a little stressed that I won't remember something or I won't be ready. I really am sooo excited!
About the ice chests, all you girls from Utah don't worry about them. I will get them round up and in the vans before we leave. It will be easier and not a big deal. Katrina don't worry about it. I can get them. I have 3 regular sized ones so if I can't find a couple of big ones I will just bring some of them. I will do my best to find the bigger ones if that is what everyone wants. I will get with Lori and take care of that, but thanks to everyone. Can't wait to see all of you.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Del Sol here we come

Okay I am just a little excited for this whole race. It is going to be so much fun to be with all of you. I can't wait for all of you Utah runners to meet our totally kick a-- family. We rock! Mom I am so excited you are coming to be with your awesome daughters and their friends. This is going to be a great get away for all of us. I am warning you now, I will not be held responsible for my crazy actions. I am crazy all the time but I like to use the lack of sleep and exhaustion to excuse my normal behavior. I will see all of you utah girls Wednesday night. And the rest of you on Thursday. It's going to the best slumber party ever!!!!

Sarah ???

I was thinking do we have the really big ice chests for both vans? If not does anyone have those we will need the big ones. One for each van.

Nikki thanks for still running with me today. I know I was a total B---- the other day. I loved the run today I felt so good. Thank you for pushing me I know I will appreciate more when I am running the race.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

illuminate vests

Hi gals;

We're (me and Sarah) are trying to figure out how many vests/headlamps we have and if we need to purchase any. I think we have enough headlamps but I'm not sure on the vests. Please let us know ASAP if you have one.
Katrina... I know you said you could look down in the valley if we need to get some, are you still open to do that - just in case?
I'm so excited to see all of you and I know this is crazy but I'm also so excited to introduce you to my mom and sister - I want to show all of you off!!! Our team of amazing runners!!! My sister is still planning on the Spaghetti dinner on Thursday so come with an appetite!
Last week of training...YAHOO

Oh, the sights, smells, and sounds

I went for a run yesterday and it was beautiful. While out, I kept thinking that I couldn't wait to get back and blog about it. I'm in Florida with my husband for a conference. While he's in class, I get to hang out. I went for a 10 mile run and it was wonderful. I think a 10 mile run here is equal to a 5 or 6 mile in Utah. There of course are not hills for me to run (no, that's really not a complaint) and elevation is 0, but I still carried my butt 10 miles. The sunshine, the light breeze on my face (and it wasn't coming from the fan of a treadmill), the sound of leaves on the street, the smell of freshly cut grass, the palm trees and the flowers. I just took it all in because I know I'm going home to SNOW! My husband doesn't run so he doesn't really understand how much of a joy that run was. Well, thanks for letting me share my run with you all. I'm getting so nervous for this race. Every time I log on I get butterflies in my stomach! Can't wait!! See you all soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Utah Girls!

Karleen, Zhalore, and Em!!!
I was trying to think of a way to break our trip down and get to Mesa sooner and so I talked to Nikki about leaving Wed. evening (6:00p.m.) and driving to St. George and staying at my In-Laws Condo and then we could get to Mesa earlier in the day on Thursday. Nikki looked up on the internet and it will only add 52 miles to our trip but it will make it so we can get to Mesa by 3:00p.m. and we won't have to leave Utah so dang early. See what you think about it. The condo has plenty of room and we can just sleep on top of the beds with our sleeping bags and there are 2 bathrooms so we could get ready fast and just leave. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Del Sol 2009

Kim - LEG 1
Raquel - LEG 2
Lori - LEG 3
Molly - LEG 4
Val - LEG 5
Emmily - LEG 6

Katrina - LEG 7
Marinda - LEG 8
Nikki - LEG 9
Zhalore - LEG 10
Sarah - LEG 11
Karleen - LEG 12

Okay here is the leg assignments. Hopefully this is final, since the race is only 11 days away. I hope all you feel good about your leg assignments and you're as anctious to get this race on as I am! I am very excited. Anyone that's feeling the pressure or nervous, don't be. Set a goal for yourself and try to reach it. My goal is always just don't walk, slow your pace just don't walk. Everyone knows what they're capable of, so set your goals accordingly. Make sure you don't set it to high, but challenge yourself. We are a team, but it's best if everyone sets their individual goals, and then as a team we cheer you on and help you try to reach them. We are going to have a GREAT TIME! And remember the team is your cheerleader and support not your critic. Can't wait to meet you all!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Only two more weeks!

Girls, I am totally freaking. Only two more weeks till THE RACE and I'm starting to get butterflies.
I'm running six miles a day and eight on the weekends. Should I be doing more? I'm the 4th runner (5m-hard, 4m-mod, 3m-easy).
I hate to say it, but I can't wait for the race to be over and done so that running every day can be fun again and not such a chore. Am I having a bad day or is this normal?
On a lighter note - I hope you all have wonderful Valentine's Days!! I plan on eating a whole box of turtle chocolates. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Does this help to motivate you?

"The body does not want you to do this. As you run, it tells you to stop but the mind must be strong. You always go too far for your body. You must handle the pain with strategy...It is not age; it is not diet. It is the will to succeed." --Jacqueline Gareau

"I believe in the runner's high, and I believe that those who are passionate about running are the ones who experience it to the fullest degree possible. To me, the runner's high is a sensational reaction to a great run! It's an exhilarating feeling of satisfaction and achievement. It's like being on top of the world, and truthfully... there's nothing else quite like it!" --Sasha Azevedo

"You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face." --Gatorade commercial

Movie on the go

Hey this is for Kim and Em. Em, I hear that you hate to drive so I wanted to let you know I do have a DVD player that we use for my kids and so I will make sure I bring it so you don't get too bored.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Karleen's Help Me Speech

Well thanks for calling me out Lori because I am probably the least motivated out of both vans. I have no speeches. So far this week I ran 3 miles on Monday and on Tuesday. The only good thing about my runs was that I had it on a 10% incline. You would think the race is this week I don't know what I am thinking. Anyway, Lori I think I am being punished for the phrase that I said at the beginning of my last run during Wasatch. Did you notice I am the last runner. I think Sarah did that on purpose.
OK I am going to post the rest of my runs for the week so you guys hold me to it.
Thursday: 8 miles
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: 10 miles
Well there is my speech now I am going to go eat some ice cream.

Calling out Karlene.....

I think it's about time for one of your "Motivational Speeches" I'm getting really nervouse!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ok Guys, One more week of HARD Training!

Hey guys! How's the training going? I am going to put in 30 this week and 25 next week. Anyone with me? I know some of you got snow. That stinks! I guess you'll be hitting the, as Lori would say, dreadmill with me. It's not as fun, but it's better than not running at all. Ok back to business. I am posting things we'll need. And I am also posting my list of items I am bringing. (You don't have to use my list of items. I am only posting it, for those that are wondering what I am bringing)
At least 2 headlamps per van it is nice to have more, but not mandatory.
At least 2 Reflecting vest per van it is nice to have more, because you can not get out of the van at night without a vest on. You will get penalized if caught.

Sarah's list for packing
sleeping bag
toothbrush and paste
shampoo,soap,and things to make me pretty
Towel washcloth
deoderant(this is mandatory for van2)
2 longsleeve shirts for under race shirt.
1 windbraker just in case
1 ear warmer (thats for two ears) in case your wondering
1 pair of gloves
running shoes
1 pair of running pants
1 capri?
3 shorts
comfy clothes and slip on shoes for when I'm not running
1 pair of jammies
bag for my smelly clothes

Again you don't have to use this list, but it's here if you need it. Also if you guys have nay questions call me 520 572-9191. Those that have headlamps and vest let me know by email or phone. I'm just wondering if I need to by some. Thanks!


Desmon is Home!

Desmon is home and doing really well! The Doctor's said the test results look good. We are so happy! Thanks for your prayers and comments....You guys are awesome!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hey I thought I would post a little up date about our little Dez. She got her surgery on Sat. and it went really well, but the recovery is going to be long and hard. She is such a trooper. From what Nikki and my mom have said she has done so well. What amazing little girl she is. As for Nikki well lets just say I know where Dez gets it. She is such a strong person and I have always admired her for that. She truly has amazed me with her faith and being a solid rock for her family. That really is all there is, unfortunately. It looks like the result from the tests will not be in until Tuesday. Talk about torture. I am so glad everyone has been so supportive of them. Thanks.


Hi everyone I can't stop thinking about Nikki and her family right now and I don't want to pester her by calling on the phone so Sarah or Marinda if you know anything new about Desmon will you please let me know. We have been praying for her every time we pray. We sure love that little girl and her family.
On another note I agree bring on the race! Training is over rated. Just Kidding I'm sticking with it but I am ready to be with all of you and have some fun while I have to run. This blog is therapeutic to being a mom who likes to run thanks everyone!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I don't know about you guys, but I am about done with all this training. I am just ready to do the race! Does anyone share these feelings? I keep reminding myself there's really not a break between Del Sol and Wasatch. Are we all crazy? I know my husband thinks we are. Anytime I start having these feelings I watch the slide show and think, "Oh it is soooo worth it." Those that haven't done a Ragnar Relay yet, it is so much fun and I promise it is worth all the work your putting in! So keep it up! It is almost here! And to all of you out there praying for my BEAUTIFUL niece THANK YOU!You guys are awesome!

Zhalore Leg 10?

Raquel said she might take leg 2 for Val. So I was wondering if you didn't mind switching vans you could do Raquel's leg, Leg 10 and Val could do leg5. That way her and Molly could stay in the same van. Leg 10 and 5 are almost identicle. Let me does that sound to you Val?


Hey to all of you who are wondering how Desmon is doing, we are having a very long day. We have been here since 8:00 am and we are still waiting on the surgen. They have decided that today is not a good day for her surgery and so we will be doing it tomorrow. I will keep you all posted.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our little Desmon, needs you.

Those of you who haven't heard my niece, Nikki's daughter, Desmon is really sick. She has been battling with Crohn's Disease for about 5 or so years now, and unfortunately Crohn's has had the upper hand. Yesterday she had a CT scan and they found polyps on her lungs. She will be going into surgery tomorrow. Please remember her in your prayers. The family is having a special fast tonight, and would love to have anyone join that would like too. Please keep her, and her family in your hearts and prayers.

Quote of the day

"Jogging is very beneficial. It's good for your legs and your feet. It's also very good for the ground. It makes it feel needed."
-Charles Schultz, Peanuts

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Carbo Loading...

Hey gals,
I just wanted to run this by you and see what you think. From what I understand, the Utah gang, Sarah and Katrina will be parking your cars at my sisters house in Gilbert. Sarah and I were thinking of meeting there around 3:00 on Thursday; we can decorate our vans there. Also, being the most charitable person I know; my sister said she will feed us spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. I figure we could pitch in around $3.00 a person. I think most of us are trying to cut costs as much as possible. What do you think? Can Utah get here around 3:00. I'm excited to see all of you and I really want my mom and sister to meet you!
Hey this is Valerie (just using MOlly's account) I have leg #2 and I was hoping for more miles. Leg two is shorter distances, but more hills. Is there anyone in the first van that wants to switch legs?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have a Dr. Question

I have come down with some congestion/cold/cough/crap from my kids and I always say I am to mean to get sick but it has got me. Plus, with this yucky inversion air it doesn't help. I really never get sick and this timing is not the best. Some people around me have had this for weeks. By running am I going to make it worse and push into my lungs? Any ideas on how to get over this fast. I am not patient and have still been running but it sucks? I want to be strong for the race. aaaaahhhhh I don't think I'm bad enough to go to the Dr. but I never do so?
I came across this quote and thought of Marinda's post about being frustrated at her performance one day.
"Some days you'll run and no matter how hard you think you're going, you'll never be quick. Then there are those days when you're lighting. No reason why"
-Dan Wheldon, 2005 Indianapolis 500 champion

Sunday, February 1, 2009

No marathon for us

Hello to all. I wanted to let you all know that Karleen and I have decided that we are pretty dang sure we will never run a marathon. We ran 12 on Saturday and decided that a marathon is just to dang far. I think that all of you that have are awesome. And Kim I am so excited for you and your marathon in May. You are so dedicated I know you will kick so fanny. I can't wait to see all of you and to have some crazy fun. Sarah I love the idea for the vans. Good job to all of you. Oh and because I know you were all so concerned about my road rash I am recovering fine. J/K I know that you all needed a good laugh so here are some pictures of my incident. This happened Friday so they look a lot better now. I finally got some more gravel our of my hands today during church. I popped blood vessels in my thumbs and the bottom of my hands. You can't see it in the pictures. But it was so dang funny and now you can put a picture to the accident and get another laugh. And yes I had pants on and still bruised up my knees and had gravel in them as well. The things we do to stay sane. I know that is debatable

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Revised Reservations

Hey guys good news. My mom is staying with us in Mesa, so we are able to get the senior discount. I went ahead and reserved another room, because on the website it said "roll outs unavailable." I don't know about you guys, but after not sleeping the night before and running a challenging race. I want a nice comfortable bed to sleep in. Are you all with me? We have until 6pm Fri. night to cancel if anyone wants the floor.

Lori and Marinda, I have to confess, I didn't get my 30 miles in this week. I spent all day preparing my Relief Society Lesson and never found time for a run. I am a little disappointed, but next week my goal is 35miles. To make up for my laziness this week. I have to say i am so proud of how hard everyone is training you guys are an awesome team! Keep it up, it's almost game time!
Molly and Valerie Reynolds from the Del Sol team

Valerie and I ran this morning in the fourth annual London's Run 10K in Queen Creek, AZ.

Val did great and kept a steady pace between 9 and 9:30 minute miles; despite her hip being a pain. I followed about fifty steps behind and we both finished feeling very satisfied and ready for an orange slice.

Prescott, here we come.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Motel for Sat. night.

Hey guys! Gosh it is sooo good to see everyone using the blog. I love to get on and get ideas for training or,,,,, here someones most embarassing moments,(nikki)LOL. The Posts are so fun to read! And Thanks Deni for showing us the author thing. It's been great! Anyway, back to business. I reserved 2 rooms in Mesa for Sat. night. They sleep 4 to a room. Right now I have 9 people staying the night. Does anyone else want to join us? If so I will reserve another room. Just let me know ASAP....Thanks!!!

Wipe Out

Okay this is for all of you who know how I get in a zone when I run. Well today I was running my run down by the American Fork Temple and on the side of the road someone had left 2 huge rolls of carpet. Well of course I was in the zone trying to hit my goal and I thought for sure I lifted my foot up high enough but I didn't and I flippin ate it. I totally face planted on the road. And if any of you have traveled the road 4800 w that runs by the temple and in front of Lone Peak High School you know how busy the traffic can be. This was today at noon. It was so dang funny. And of course I jumped and acted like nothing happened and kept running. I have a huge strawberry down my left arm and my hands look like hamburger. It hurt so bad but there was no way I was going to fold to pain. All I could do was think of Karleen laughing her head off. And I also thought of Kim rolling with laughter. (Her laugh is so contagious.) I just wanted to share my exciting run with you all today. I wish someone I knew could of seen it.


Hi Gals of Van #1

With all these new course changes (thats about to drive me crazy! I train for hills and get distance, I train for distance and get hills, now I have both hopefully it won't change again)!!! Anyway we decided to move around some of the leg assignments, see below:
LEG #1 - KIM
LEG #2 - VAL
When you get a chance, look over your legs to see if this is okay. If you want to change, get with that person and work out a trade. I hope this is okay with everyone!!
I look so forward to meeting you all! I'm excited to run with Zahlore again, you are hilarious!


Ok, so I have some hills to conquer and I haven't been training for hills since my half was on flat ground. Any advice on how to boost my hill running ability in a short period of time? I have no hills around my house but I can run on the treadmill at the gym. What's the best way to make me better FAST?!?!?!?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

talk about kicken A--!

Hey ya all!!! I have to brag!!!!! I just have to let you all know that Marinda is on FIRE! My little prodigy is kicking my ass! (Yes I said it, I said ASS). She is amazing and I love running with her. You sisters are going to be so proud!! Let's keep in touch with each other during the race so we can see how we're all doing; besides, I'm going to need all the support I can get - I'm freaking out a little about my leg, but I'm excited too. I just need to see if this 43 year old mama can cut it. Thanks to all for posting your best running times and your worst running times, it helps to know that everyone seems to have good and bad days. I seem to be having more bad ones lately (yikes)! Ladies it's almost game time!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Starting time - Volunteers - Course update

Hey girlies, we got our start time. We start at 7am, which I am totally excited about, the earlier start the earlier we get done, right. I know some of you noticed, they had us down for needing 3 Volunteers. No worries, I contacted Janessa from ragnar and she said it was a mix up and she had it fixed. I have already checked the website to make sure, and it was indeed be changed. So YAAAAAAAAAAY, one less thing to worry about. For those of you planning on staying the night in Mesa, I am still checking on Hotels. I will let you know as soon as I find something.

Last, but not least, Course Map update. If you haven't heard the course map has changed a bit. It really hasn't affected van 2, but van 1, just a little bit. Leg 1 not much, but a little more difficult. Leg 2 easier - Leg 3 a little more diff. Leg 4no change, and Leg 5 HARDER. So if any of you would like to switch, contact that person. Kim would like more miles if she could get them. She is leg 2. Just look it over, talk it over, and let Lori "Sexy Legs" Nelson and I know.

Thanks again guys for making this possible. If I wouldn't have found a team,,,,well,,, I guess I would've been running with the Joe City crew. No, but I am so excited and I hope you all are too. Keep up the training, we are almost there.
This is a shout out to my beautiful sister Karleen. She rocks! So we decided that we needed to run a long run last Saturday. This was all because Kim and Em had to brag about there awesome 1/2 marathon (Just kidding, I love that you guys share.) and so we decided that we needed to make sure we could run a long one. We decided it was time to run Suncrest again. Well we started up and Karleen was kicking my butt. I was eating her dust. So I told her I needed to shed some clothes, so that I could really catch my breath. Well I shedded some clothes and we continued up the hill. It is a 10 mile run. You run up to the top of Suncrest, which is 5 miles up the mountain. In some areas it is an 8% incline. So it is a good challenging run if you are looking to improve on hills. Well Karleen was getting so mad at herself because she said she felt awful. Well when we got to the top we had ran the run in 51.50 minutes. We averaged a little over a 10 minute mile. I was so proud of her and us for that matter. We have never ran that run in such a great time. It was also raining and turning to snow the higher we got. Karleen always tells me how slow she is and how she slows me down and that isn't the case. She is doing great and she is way too hard on herself. So this is a shout out to tell her she kicks A--!! I love you Kar and I love running with you. I have never ran with anyone that pushes themselves as hard as you do except maybe McCoy. Love you. You are beautiful. See you Saturday.


So I ran 10 miles Saturday and got my best time. I was really excited then yesterday I went out to run a little 6 mile run and felt like crap. I almost had to stop at the 2.5 mark. I had cramps in my stomach and sides that I haven't had for months. When does it get easy? Why am I starting to go backwards? Any advice?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wasatch Team 2009

Zhalore Averett - TEAM CAPTAIN
Sarah Reed
Nikki Rowley
Karleen Rehrer
Marinda Parry
Lori Nelson
Deni Berger
Kim Weight
Kandice Compas
Allison Lomax
Erica Wilde
Raquel Hughes???
(She may be going to her class reunion instead. Crazy I know! Does anyone go to those anymore? J/Kiddin')
So far we are full, in less someone drops out.
The Shirts we ordered are for Del Sol and Wasatch. We will let you know the cost once we find out ourselves. Thanks!

Oh, and to all you that are posting on the blog WOOOHOOO you guys ROCK! Last year it was basically Kar and I making fun of each other.

One more thing let me know who is planning on stay the night in Mesa Saturday. I am getting rooms. I am staying. I am planning on PARTYING (Alcohol free of course) with my sistas, and the rest of the UTAH GANG. I"ll be seeing you soon!

Woooo hooo this is Las Tres Chicas okay it's Emilee or Em is what she gets called, our mom, who ran the 5K in St. George and Me, Kim (When we were in St. George running the half marathon) Our mom is 66 and she is awesome she got 2nd place in her division which she calls old. she wanted to celebrate the 3 of us running and said that she bought us the twinner shirts so that we would be able to run really fast. This is after the race so we have that beautiful after race glow (NOT!) So this be us!!!

I have a question can someone put the list of who is on for the Wasatch Back. I know with Em leaving it creates a space and I know 2 girls in my neighborhood who would LOVE to run with us if there is the need so just let me know. My friend Kandice is running the wasatch back with us and she is awesome we actually run by her house in Morgan. Can you say hot showers?

Okay here is my challenge question: Who wants to run the Ogden Marathon May 16th. I thought it would be a great way to break in my aaaahhh having to turn 40 in May. I am nervous but I know my mentality is weaker than my physical so maybe I can get the two of them to get along. Anyway, it is cheaper if you register before Jan. 31st the race is May 16th so I think I am going to go for it. A bunch of runners I have talked to said its an excellent race to start off with so aaaaah here I go!

Thank you for getting the shirts that is great. I was kind of hoping for tube tops but I guess we can still look sexy in tanks (just kidding) I already love you all!



Just to answer a question asked about the shirts. The shirts are for both teams. We decided to get the same for both and just put all the sponsors on them. There are quite a few people doing both races so this saves money from sponsors and out of pocket. I'll give totals when I can.

I am not fast either and everytime I think I am really getting faster I read the blog and get smashed. O'well I am just going to do my best and have a whole lot of fun.

Introducing Katrina...

Hi Ladies!! I am so excited about this relay. I hate to hear that Amy was injured but I am glad I was asked to replace her. Some of you know me, but for those who don' are some pics from the half I did. At the end of 2007 I made a committment to myself to run the PF Chang's Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Jan of 09 here in Phx. I thought it would be fun and a new challenge for myself, not realizing how addicting running is!! I didn't get serious about it until 8 months ago. I am not a mom who needed therapy, but somebody who went through divorce. Running definately kept my sanity through the whole ordeal and I have become a life long runner now! Good things can come from trials in your life! I am a true beleiver in that.

I am not a fast runner...yet! Kim and Em stomped my time in the half, so I don't feel so proud now! haha I haven't been putting in as much miles a week as it seems everybody else has. I only ran 3 miles last week after the half. My calves were still a little sore, so I decided I had better give them more time to recoup. I am back at it this week though and I will try to get my mileage up with you crazy girls. I am nervous about the elevation change for me. There aren't any hills around me so if I want to run hills, I have to go to the gym and run on the treadmill and we all know how exciting that can be! Needless to say, I haven't done much of that! :) Keep up the blogging, you motivate me and inspire me! You ladies are amazing and I hope I am as good as you are one day!! :) Happy Runnin...