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Friday, February 13, 2009

Only two more weeks!

Girls, I am totally freaking. Only two more weeks till THE RACE and I'm starting to get butterflies.
I'm running six miles a day and eight on the weekends. Should I be doing more? I'm the 4th runner (5m-hard, 4m-mod, 3m-easy).
I hate to say it, but I can't wait for the race to be over and done so that running every day can be fun again and not such a chore. Am I having a bad day or is this normal?
On a lighter note - I hope you all have wonderful Valentine's Days!! I plan on eating a whole box of turtle chocolates. :)


Karleen said...

I think you are doing plenty of miles. The most I ran before wasatch was like 8.5 and I was fine for that and I had more miles to run than you. Don't be so nervous it is not as hard as what everyone is thinking. I think everyone is doing more than enough training.

Zhalore said...
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Zhalore said...

You are going to do GREAT! The good thing about our team is it's not a high pressure one. Everyone just needs to go out and do their best. Go out and set and try to accomplish what goals YOU want for yourself. Last year my miles were similar to yours. 5 mod, 3 easy,
5 hard. I hadn't ran for years and the farthest I had ran before the Wasatch Back was 5 Miles!! They needed someone at the last minute and I said I would do it. What was I thinking? I expected the 3 easy to be just that, 3 easy miles. Not so, it SUCKED! I don't know why but it did. I expected my last leg of 5 hard to be hard. But I felt better on that run than the other 2. In fact I felt so good, at the end I cried. Crazy, I know :) I didn't finish any of my legs with great times, they were slow, but I finished and I had a blast! You have done plenty of training and you are going to do great. We are all going to do great and have a blast doing it.

lori said...

You're amazing, I can't run everyday, it kills me. You will be just fine.