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Monday, May 4, 2009

KIMS 40!!!

Just wanted to give a birthday wish to my sweet, awesome, amazing, tuff, beautiful sister who is turning the big 40 today!! I think she is handling it okay but just in case her sisters sent her a package with tools of how to deal: grandma panties, support hose, reading glasses, and a big support bra because we heard that when you hit that age group they sag!! (It was the biggest thing I have ever seen a 50G, it fit on my head and then some, and I have a big head??!!) Love ya sista and I wish I could be there to celebrate!! Your my hero and I love ya!!

Dont hate me for putting this up!!


Marinda said...

Happy Birthday Kim! You are amazing and I am so glad I'm getting to run with you again. You and Em are so much fun. Have a great day!!

lori said...

Finally someone to join me in the 40 age group!!! I'm so exicited! Good Luck on your marathon, you're absolutely amazing! Oh and love the picture!!!!

Karleen said...

I had know idea your birthday was the same as mine. Hope you have a great day good luck in the marathon. You're amazing. I do have to say I am glad it is you that is 40 and not me. HA HA But look at it this way I am 27 and you look way better than me. Happy Birthday!!!

chris and kim said...

Em you are so dead! But a loving dead. Thank you for the nice comments. I just have to keep saying its all a state of mind. I still feel like I'm 24. Em if you were here you would be down. That picture is so scarey. I had just opened the present from Em and Nin and laughed so hard. Then they gave me a sweet card that made me cry so I went from one extreme of emotion to the next. I love you all!
Happy Birthday Karleen! Holy Cow I am old next to you. I'll just keep telling myself that you are 13 years younger when I see how pretty you are with no wrinkles or signs of age. You are gorgeous and so much fun! Have a wonderful day!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Kim!! You look amazing! look at you and Lori makes me think turning 40 is a good thing! Hope you have a good one!

Zhalore said...

Happy Birthday Kim! I love all your new gift you got. You look HOT!! Really, I hope I look as good as you and Lori at 40. You are amazing. I think I'm going to go cheer the people on that I know that are running the Ogden Marathon. So, I hope I see you there. Good luck!

Katrina said...

Happy Bday Kim!! Sorry it's a day late...but hope it was a good day. Good luck in your marathon! I hope I am still running like crazy when I am your age...and I especially hope I have a body like yours too!! Love the gifts you got too!!!