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Monday, November 30, 2009

Karleen's New Baby Girl

Karleen had her beautiful baby girl on November 26 at 12:59 am. She weighed 6lb 12oz and was 19.5 in. They named her Berkley Elizabeth. She is so pretty just like her mom. Seriously I didn't think it was possible to look beautiful after having a baby. It is so unfair. We are so happy for her and can't wait for our turn to love on her.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Grand Canyon

Hi Ya All!

I just had to share a few pictures and to tell you about my latest adventure with Sarah and my brother in law, Mike.

We hiked the Grand Canyon; Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim, 46 miles of pure beauty. The odds were stacked against us and we did it anyway. When I say odds, let me explain. First off, Mike sends me an email from the Grand Canyon that says NOT to attempt going down and up in one day. We are not only going down and up in one day, we are going down the south side, up the north side, back down the north side and back up the south side. Secondly, on one of our "practice hikes" Mike tells me that he has always had the impression that he was going to die young; my friend calls me and tells me that she just doesn't have a good feeling about me going and then Sarah has to tell me that she got voted "Most likely to die in the Wilderness" at girls camp!!! You would think this would be enough to stop any normal person. But we all know that Sarah isn't normal (ha ha) Thirdly; Mike had to bring up the fact that we were hiking on Friday the 13th. Fourthly; Sarah emails me and said she just might be starting her "monthly" I got to calculating and discovered that I would be too! (Poor Mike). Lastly; the weather report! Everyday was beautiful weather except for... you guessed it... the day we were to hike. The high's were to be around 30 and the lows in the teens. Everything considering, we did it and it was so fun! I couldn't have done it without Sarah, what a neat and wonderful gal! I can't tell you how much I love ya and how glad I am that you are as insane as me. Besides, If I had to hike alone with "Grumpy pants" I would have pushed him off the cliff. (you would have thought he was on his monthly)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Okay so I am very sad that I won't be there. I actually get teary eyed thinking about it. I love the race. It is so dang fun. The only reason I decided I could bow out was because Sarah said that Erika could join you. You will love her, she "Rocks" as Desmon says. We all appreciate you and your prayers thanks. I love you all. By the way I expect to see that you guys took first place.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Sorry this has nothing to do with the race, but my baby is due in 2 weeks and I have no idea what to name her. What do you guys like?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mixed Emotions (New Van Assignments)

I know some of you already know, but for those that don't, My sister Nikki is not going to be able to run Del Sol with us this year. I am very sad and disappointed, but know that it's the best decision for her and her family. We will miss her fun competitive attitude, and her ear muffs she calls headphones. We were all hoping to see her run with toilet paper sticking out her shorts again, But we do understand and only want the best for her and her family. We love you! Hang in there!!

On the upside we have one of my AWESOME friends from Utah joining us. Erika Wilde will be taking her place. We are going to Rock out to Bon Jovi Wed. night and then kick some Ragnar trash Friday. Since my sister is unable to run we have looked over the legs and decided to change things up a bit, well ALOT...Here are the new van and leg assignments.

Leg 1 Marinda
Leg 2 Karleen
Leg 3 Lori
Leg 4 Raquel
Leg 5 Katrina
Leg 6 Misty

Leg 7 Nikki (my niece)
Leg 8 Erika
Leg 9 Alison
Leg 10 Zhalore
Leg 11 Sarah
Leg 12 Stephanie

Sorry we scrambled things up. Hope everyone is excited, and if your not get your butt excited! We are going to have lots of FUN! Can't wait to see you all. I will let you know what time we start once I find out.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I really look forward to a hearty long slow run. You feel good while you're doing it, and get to feel good about yourself all day long after you're done.

Jennifer Van Allen, Special Projects Editor, Runner's World

Monday, November 2, 2009

HEY LADIES!! I realized I never told you all I actually got a long run in on vacation. Sarah and Nikki, thanks for the motivation. You were so right!! I didn't do 10 like I was supposed to but I got 7 in and had some hills in there. I figured the hills made up for the 3 miles I didn't run. Whatever makes me feel better about it, right? The run was georgous! I ran around a little lake and the trees were yellow, orange and red. I was completely lost in the beauty of the scenery and kinda forgot I was really running. I really enjoyed running in a new place. The town I was in is an extremely small town in Iowa and I felt like I was being stared at while I ran through town. I felt like people were looking at me because they didn't know who this weirdo was running through town that they didn't know. It was fun anyway. I wish there was that much beauty in Phoenix when I's just boring rocks and cactus. Blah!

I've been battling a sinus infection and haven't gotten much running in the last week. My head feels like it's going to explode. This weekend I was supposed to get 12 miles in and I crapped out at 6. I was really disappointed, but I couldn't breathe and my head was hurting-not to mention I had to circle back to my house 2 times to use the bathroom!! Why does that always happen to me?? lol I'm getting super nervous about the full marathon I'm supposed to do in Jan. Only 2 months away and the longest run I've done is 8 miles. Yikes! And the holidays are coming up and I suck at training during this time. I keep telling myself I have to keep going and getting my runs in. Ok...just thought I'd post a little something...keep running girlies!!