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Monday, March 23, 2009


Are you ready?!? So, let me just say, if you don't like the leg you were assigned, sorry! If you REALLY don't like your leg, check with others and maybe you can switch to one in your van you like better.

Van 1
1 - Karleen Rehrer
2- Lori Nelson
3- Marinda Parry
4- Zhalore Averett
5- Nikki Rowley
6- Sarah Reed

Driver 1- Karleen's Hubby ?
Driver 2- Zhalore's Hubby ?

Van 2
7- Deni Berger
8- Kim Weight
9- Erica Wilde
10- Tonya Pead
11- Alison Lomax
12- Kandice Compas

Driver 1- Alison's Hubby
Driver 2- Kim's Mom

Just a little update on drivers. We felt it would be a good idea to have a male driver in each van. We thought it would make us all feel a little safer when we do our night runs and we would also have a priesthood holder in case someone needed a blessing. We also thought it wouldn't hurt to have 2 drivers per van, so they could switch off if one driver was tired.

Everyone keep using the blog to keep updated and in touch. It's going to be such a BLAST!!! Can't wait.


Karleen said...

Zhalore, I will know in a few weeks if my husband can do it for sure or not so I will let you know.-Karleen

Marinda said...

Karleen I hope Tyler can come I think he would be so much fun.

chris and kim said...

Are we going to get vans again? Someone said we were using Suburbans but with 2 drivers we might need the space of vans? I think 2 drivers is a great idea. I am so excited! My van is going to be the funnest!!! Just kidding. Also, are we staying the first night in hotels and going to dinner to get to know each other? That was so much fun.