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Friday, February 6, 2009


I don't know about you guys, but I am about done with all this training. I am just ready to do the race! Does anyone share these feelings? I keep reminding myself there's really not a break between Del Sol and Wasatch. Are we all crazy? I know my husband thinks we are. Anytime I start having these feelings I watch the slide show and think, "Oh it is soooo worth it." Those that haven't done a Ragnar Relay yet, it is so much fun and I promise it is worth all the work your putting in! So keep it up! It is almost here! And to all of you out there praying for my BEAUTIFUL niece THANK YOU!You guys are awesome!


Katrina said...

I'm with you Sarah!! I keep thinking to myself I am not going to improve anymore so let's just do it. I wish I could have been training with all of you the whole time and then I wouldn't be as nervous because you are all going to kick ass and I won't so much. :)

Karleen said...

That is exactly what I was thinking when I was running suncrest this morning. I was so close to turning around and going to get a big mac then I thought of Nikki and could hear saying come on Kar you doing so good so I kept going. I still think we are stupid and for sure my husband thinks that too. He runs one lap and thinks he got a good run in.

lori said...

YES! I am so glad someone else is feeling the same way. I'm tired of training and eating (semi)right. I want to eat ice cream, cookies, cake, soda, and lots of it. I don't want to run another mile! And I'm addicted to Advil!! But then I keep telling myself "just one more week of hard training, I can do it" You guys have all been my motivation, I have to keep up with you! So I'll keep up the training and I'll see you in Mesa!!