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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I finished!!!

Okay so I did a 8.3 mile run today with a 4 mile upgrade. I am proud to say I did it and I survived. It kicked my A!!! But I did survive. I have run 18 miles so far this week. My goal is 25. Good luck on the training. Can't wait to see you all!


Marinda said...

You know posts like that don't motivate me they just make me feel like a big fat LOSER. Just kidding!! I love you and I think you are THE WOMAN!!

Nikki said...

You go girl. Let me see I ran 16this week. Pretty crappy huh. I was making costumes and then had Dezy's birthday party so I was only able to fit running in to 4 days this week. I am hoping to do better next week. I am so gald that you are doing so well with your trainig.