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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Las Vegas Ragnar

I just saw that they are going to have a Ragnar Las Vegas in October. That would be a blast! All interested? I think I just try to find anything to be a part of doing something I enjoy. As for training I am kicking butt and taking names. I just hope that after the marathon I don't injure myself for the Ragnar because I am looking most forward to playing with all you gals! My mom is way excited to be a part of it and is looking forward to meeting all of youl! When the weather is good I want to run run run when the weather sucks I don't but I am trying!


Karleen said...

Sounds great I am in.

McCleary Ways said...

Whatever you guys need to do D.C. in September!! My sister is crazy!!

Katrina said...

I'm in...if you need more gals!! Vegas would be fun!

Sarah said...

I'm in. Vegas might be easier for me to do. But I'm up for DC is people would rather do DC.

Zhalore said...

I'm in for sure! Let's just plan on doing them all!!