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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have a Dr. Question

I have come down with some congestion/cold/cough/crap from my kids and I always say I am to mean to get sick but it has got me. Plus, with this yucky inversion air it doesn't help. I really never get sick and this timing is not the best. Some people around me have had this for weeks. By running am I going to make it worse and push into my lungs? Any ideas on how to get over this fast. I am not patient and have still been running but it sucks? I want to be strong for the race. aaaaahhhhh I don't think I'm bad enough to go to the Dr. but I never do so?


Nikki said...

Kim that sucks that you are sick. I do not know what to tell you as far as advice but I can tell you what the doctor told me the last time I was sick. He said that the inversion was for sure not good for me. But he did say that the cold actually is good if you are croopy. But they put me on a steriod for astham and an anibiotic to make sure it didn't settle into pneumonia. I was better in less than a week. Good luck.

Sarah said...

I would take sometime off or just run 3-4miles on the treadmill. I would definitely not be running outside if the air is still yuck.

Katrina said...

The other day I read in Runners Magazine about having a cold and running...they said it's ok to keep running if you aren't running a fever or achey (flu symptoms). They said to cut down on miles and not over extend yourself. Your body still needs to rest to recover so don't push it too hard. Hope you feel better soon. I have been loading up on EmergenC's to prevent me from getting sick because it seems like it's all around me. :)

lori said...

That just sucks! Rocky is sick and I'm so afraid of getting it. I have to echo what Katrina said, I read the same thing that it's okay to run if you're not running a fever just lessen your miles. Intake tons of vitamin C! I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm so sorry!

Zhalore said...

Oh man, that just sucks!! I would at least call the doctor and tell them you have a race coming up and see what they have to say. I have had the same thing for a month. I didn't go to the doctor but now I wish that I had. Just when I thought I was feeling better It came back, but just not as bad. It settled in my chest and made my chest burn and ach when I ran. The only thing left hanging on is the mucous crap. Hope you get feeling better soon.