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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, the sights, smells, and sounds

I went for a run yesterday and it was beautiful. While out, I kept thinking that I couldn't wait to get back and blog about it. I'm in Florida with my husband for a conference. While he's in class, I get to hang out. I went for a 10 mile run and it was wonderful. I think a 10 mile run here is equal to a 5 or 6 mile in Utah. There of course are not hills for me to run (no, that's really not a complaint) and elevation is 0, but I still carried my butt 10 miles. The sunshine, the light breeze on my face (and it wasn't coming from the fan of a treadmill), the sound of leaves on the street, the smell of freshly cut grass, the palm trees and the flowers. I just took it all in because I know I'm going home to SNOW! My husband doesn't run so he doesn't really understand how much of a joy that run was. Well, thanks for letting me share my run with you all. I'm getting so nervous for this race. Every time I log on I get butterflies in my stomach! Can't wait!! See you all soon.


Marinda said...

O man that makes me so jealous. I love runs like that. Everytime I go running I get more and more anxious for summer time. Sounds like an amazing run.

Nikki said...

Nothing like rubbing it in. Just kidding. I think that is so great that you were able to enjoy a long run in good weather. It makes me want to be there. Can't wait to see you. We are going to have a lot of fun.

lori said...

I'm so jealous! But happy for you too. I think us Heber girls and Utah girls have about the same weather. I can't wait until Summer!!!

chris and kim said...

I am so glad you shared that even though I am green with envy. I felt like that when I ran in St. George for the half. Once in a while you need a change and you need to feel the warmth of sunshine as well as not looking like the abominable snowman because of the layers you are wearing. The weather is sure putting a damper on it for me but I know it's about to get better. If it snows one more time I am going to scream! AZ will feel so
so good to us. YES! Kim

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing. I am envious, because I can just picture all the green grass and actual trees not shrubs. The weather here is great, but it's lacking scenery.