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Monday, February 23, 2009

OK, I just got mondo butterflies when I logged on and saw "3 DAYS" on the countdown!! Whoa!!

Up until this point I've been preparing my game for the race, I think I've done all I can for that.
Now I'm starting to get all my ducks in a row and trying to organize things for my husband and kids while I'm away (Utah girls, my hat goes off to you for making the trip!).

I'm coming across some questions...I'm sure I'll come across more as I keep checking things off my list. But here are a few I have now:

1. I know I owe people money. Shirts? Van? Food? Just tell me who and how much. Maybe I should just bring my checkbook?

2. What is the agenda for Thursday? What time are we meeting in Mesa? Where exactly?

3. Is there anything else (besides the list that was posted) that I should bring? I've never done this type of race before and if a veteran Ragnar Relay-er could give me some inside tips that would be awesome!

4. Should I have my husband meet me at the finish line? Totally unsure how that is going to work.

Alright, I think those are my major questions. Anyone and everyone feel free to shout out your answers! :)

I was telling Val, I feel a lot like a girl who's going to her first year of girl's camp and I want to bring everything just in case. I'm super nervous, but totally excited. I can't wait to meet all you wonderful woman and make some lasting memories!



Katrina said...

I'm with ya Molly!! Each time I get on here and see the countdown, I get all jittery! :) I started packing and getting my stuff in order this weekend. I'm super excited and really hope I am ready for this adventure. No matter what I know it will be fun! Can't wait to see you all!!

Sarah said...

Molly the shirts are all paid for. Sponsor money covered them. You'll need to pay for $20 for van, food, and gas. You sent me money for the hotel already right? I say if you bring about $50 - $60 cash you should be good. then you could bring your debit or check book just in case. If your confused on what to bring, just refer back to my list of items I think I covered it all. We are going to meet at Lori Nelson's sisters at 3:30pm on Thursday. I will be posting her address soon. Can't wait to meet you!