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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hey girlfriends of Mom's Found Therapy!
I couldn't wait to brag about my weekend...

Thank-you to everyone on the team. I had such an amazing time! I will for sure be doing this again - except next time I'll make sure I won't be pregnant (which is still a secret to everyone else down here because of my history with miscarrying).

To everyone doing Wasatch Back; good luck! And if you see any of the Moose people, score a kill for me.



lori said...

Molly, I'm in awe by you! I can't even imagine what it would be like to run pregnant??!!! It was so great getting to know you, you are so sweet! I wish you the best with baby "ragnar". Thanks for sharing the experience!!!

Zhalore said...

It was so fun to get to know you. Good luck with your baby. I love how Lori put it, baby "ragnar", that's funny! You did such a great job and I love your blog.

chris and kim said...

I hope your still feeling okay and have been able to recooperate. If your baby turns out to love running we will all know it started in the womb! You are so great I could never do that! Thanks for all your support in our van!