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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Okay so I am very sad that I won't be there. I actually get teary eyed thinking about it. I love the race. It is so dang fun. The only reason I decided I could bow out was because Sarah said that Erika could join you. You will love her, she "Rocks" as Desmon says. We all appreciate you and your prayers thanks. I love you all. By the way I expect to see that you guys took first place.


chris and kim said...

We will go and drown our sorrows in chocolate chip cookies. I am so sorry girlfriend especially because I know you love to be with your sisters. I am so sad. I love being with all of the gals and I know we can take 1st place. We will cheer them from here. We will return victoriously eventually.

Karleen said...

Well the only good thing about you not going in my eyes is that if we don't win I can blame it on you instead of my fat post pregnant self. Just kidding I really wish you could come, but I completely understand why you can't. Desmon is way more important than this. One day we will all do it again. This is a good one to miss because Sarah is dogging out on the sisters anyway. Ha Ha you know I just had to give her a hard time.

Marinda said...

Nikki I love so much and am so sad you won't be with us. You are so crazy and fun and you are a great big sister. I know that you would do anything to help or defend me. Thanks so much for helping me with running we will all miss you tons but we all know what is most important and I love our little Dez.

lori said...

Nikki, You're the best! You inspire me and I want to do my best for you and Dez! It would be awesome if we can bring home the trophy! If we do, I think we should dedicate it to you and Dez!

Zhalore said...


There is tons of new news on the blog when when you don't check it for weeks!! I am SO sad you won't be with us this time. I just love you and will miss you tons! Take care of Dez and we will kick some butt and dedicate it to her!!