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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shout Out to Van #2 People

Hi everyone!
I just got off the phone with are Captain O Captain Zhalore and here is the idea that we have for Van #2. Kandice lives in Morgan which would be an hour drive into Logan. The van is in Utah County and so all those (Nikki you probably want to be with your sisters which is totally they way it should be.) But, for the rest of us, Alison, her husband Dez?, Deni, Melissa, Me, and my mom we could ride up in the van, meet the rest of van #1 and Kandice for dinner. Van #1 would head up to Lori's in laws to stay the night and we Van #2 could go to the store and get our food and drinks, and ice then go and sleep at Kandice's home. We would then meet everyone at a certain time and location in Logan to decorate the vans and go to the starting line to cheer on van #1. Kandice has more than enough room for us and a bed for my mom and air mattresses for the rest of us as well as bathrooms. She said we could have the upstairs of her home. Also, after our first run we can wait at her house as it is on the course and shower and rest! Woooohooo for us. Please let me know your feelings about this so we can make a plan. I would like to go up Thurs. so that we can all get to know each other. I will bring up 2 huge coolers one for food and one for water and drinks. We already have a race bible for our van, vests, and red beacons. I have a head lamp does anyone else have another one that could be for our van also?
I am so excited!!!!!

1 comment:

Deni said...


I have a headlamp. I'll plan on bringing it.

I'm fine with whatever plans are made. See you soon.

- Deni