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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Just curious do we know where and when we are meeting on Thurs. the 18th or are we just meeting up before the race? Are we meeting to decorate vans? Is the time for starting still 11:45a.m. on Friday and do we know for sure who is running exactly what? Sorry, I just turned 40 so my mind isn't what it use to be. Just Kidding (actually I'm totally serious, unless it is written down I have no clue.)Zhalore tell me what I need to do for van#2. Coolers?, copy of the Race Bible so that our #2 drivers can follow the course and be navigators? Who and how much do we need to pay $ to for the shirts? Do we have shirts for our drivers? Do we have vans? Sorry I know I sound like such a OCD mom but just curious. Thanks for all your doing O Captain my Captain Zhalore!!!!


Deni said...

I'm interested in this information as well. What do I need to help?

I will hardly be help to the team I'm afraid. My times are baby times, and I'm hardly the athlete that the rest of you are.

Did we get another volunteer? What do I need to do other than show up?

Karleen said...

Kim I think it would be great if you could be in charge of van #2 and decide when you guys will meet on Friday and get the food then head up. I know Sarah asked a friend about using their van but I do not know if it was available. So for now we still need a very strong runner for you van, a van, ice chest, and a time for you guys to meet get food and head up. Allison and Desi have done this a lot and will be a great help. I can get you there e-mail. Van #1 will meet on Thursday and head up, but van #2 last year just met on Friday then went up because you will not start until later. Kim are you OK with taking charge? I hope nobody cares that I did this, but Sarah and Zhalore are really stressed out trying to find a runner so we they need somebody to take care of van 2.