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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Plan, A Plan!!!

Sorry!! I forget that others are wondering what in the world is going on. Especially those of you that have not done a Ragnar Relay before and really don't know what to expect. Kim, you have very good questions! :) I hope this helps everyone.

We are set with an Expedition for Van 1 and Sarah is pretty sure we can use the same Van as last year for Van 2. Yes, we will owe money for shirts. Plan on owing Sarah around $30-$40, she will let us know. As of right now we don't have shirts for our drivers. It's a great idea, but I don't know if it's something any of us have time to figure out. Are you volunteering, Kim? ;) One thing we need to get done is find another runner for Van 2! I'm sure we will find someone, it just is getting a little crazy. Thanks to everyone for your help looking and recruiting people!!! We also need to find out what time Lori and Marinda are flying in on Thursday before we make any set plans for the day. But our basic plan for Thursday is to first meet at Karleen's (I'm not sure what time). From there maybe to the airport to pick up Lori and Marinda and then out to dinner. Van 1 will be staying at Lori's in-laws (same as last year). Van 2, it sounds like you have a couple of options of places to stay, you can decide between your group where you want to stay. Then on Friday morning we can meet and shop for food and then decorate our vehicles. Our starting time is 11:45. If Van 2 wants to be with Van 1 when we start, that would be fun!!

Here is the list of runners for our team:

Van 1
1- Marinda Parry
2- Karleen Rehrer
3- Tiffany Ashman
4- Zhalore Averett
5- Lori Nelson
6- Sara Reed

Van 2
7- Deni Berger
8- Kandice Compass
9- Kim Weight
10- Nikki Rowley
11- Alison Lomax
12- Melissa Hoen

Sarah had a great list for packing when we ran the Del Sol. I am going to copy and paste it for those that haven't done this before or want it as a check list.

Sarah's list for packing
sleeping bag
toothbrush and paste
shampoo,soap,and things to make me pretty
Towel washcloth
deoderant(this is mandatory for Van 1)
Visor or hat
2 longsleeve shirts for under race shirt.
1 windbraker just in case
1 pair of gloves (the night runs can get cold)
running shoes
1 pair of running pants
1 capri?
3 shorts
comfy clothes and slip on shoes for when I'm not running
1 pair of jammies
bag for my smelly clothes
$$$$- Money for gas and food, maybe around $100 ???

It's going to be a lot of fun!!! I can't wait. If anyone has any questions, call me 801-489-8513.

Kim, I will have both race bibles ready for both vans. One thing you will need to get with your van on is the decorations. We were thinking of getting the window markers and writing our team name and all of our van members names on our vehicles. I'll call you and explain what we did last year for our decorations and see what you think. Also, there is a captains meeting on Wed. June 10th at 7:00pm in Kaysville if you want to come with me. If not, it's not a big deal.


Karleen said...

Thank You so much for posting that I know a lot of people were stressing. I am getting so excited.

McCleary Ways said...

I'll be runner three in van 1, oh but wait I live in freakin Virginia!!! AH!!!

Zhalore said...

We would LOVE you to be runner 3 in van 1!!! Get your butt out here!
We are going to miss you!!

Katrina said...

I wish I was prepared and could take the time off work with a short notice!!! I would have loved to do it too!!! ugh!!