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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Going To Miss You

Well Nikki I heard you will most likely be in the other van. It really bums me out. I am so sorry. You know if you weren't such a stud runner then you wouldn't have to take one of the hardest legs. Maybe something will come up but if not i just wanted you to know how much I love you. I will still be cheering you on. Love You Big Sis!


Zhalore said...
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Zhalore said...

Nikki, why do you have to go and be such a stud? If you weren't so good you could be in Van 1 doing my leg, he he. :) You are going to kick so major butt on that hill ya know!! Thanks again for offering to do the other leg. We will miss you but you'll have fun in Van 2.

Karleen said...

I have to second Marinda on her post. We will miss you a ton, but I am actually really excited for you to do Ragnar I know you have wanted for a while and I know you will be awesome. Love ya tons!!!