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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey thanks for all of the love and support. I don't think I am a stud you guys are all too nice. But hey thanks for the compliment. You all could do it. I believe in all of you. I have seen all of you run. I will give it my all. It will probably kick my butt. I will be traning the last few weeeks from a hospital room. I will be at Primary Children's, so I am not sure how much traning I will be doing. I can't wait to see you all. And to my sisters, you guys are the reason we do these races. We love to see each other and hang out, and to see each other accomplish such great feats. You sisters are my true strength and support. You all have been so helpful this year. I needed the love and listening ear this year way more than I have ever needed it. I love you all so much. It has made me realize how important family is. Yall are great!!!! And Kar thanks so much for always being so willing to help out with the kids we all love you and your family so much. I will see all of you in a few weeks.


Nikki said...

Hey sorry about all of the type o's it is 11:40.

Deni said...


I'm sorry you'll be at PCMC again!!!

I will be up there on Tuesday. I'll ask around to see if you are there and maybe I can spell you off. We have an ALL day appt.

Marinda said...

You made me even more sad that you won't be in our van. We will be cheering you on. I am so sorry Dez is back in for more torture. I miss and love you guys.

Sarah said...

So sorry! I love you so much! I have to go with Karleen, even though it sucks your not in our van, I can't wait to see you do Ragnar hill. I am for sure sneaking my way in Van 2 after I finish my run. So make room Van 2, for a crazy lady. See you soon! Love you!!!

lori said...

Hey if Sarah gets to sneak in to van #2 to watch you run, so do I!!! You are my hero Nikki, in more ways than one. I wish I could take away even a fraction of what you've been going through. Just know that I love and pray for you, little Dez and the rest of your family every night. I will see you soon. I feel sorry for Ragnar Hill when you get through with it!!

chris and kim said...

Nikki you Rule!!! It was so fun to talk to you all during Josh and Roys game the other day. The kids want to fast for Dez again tomorrow so we love you all. Hey, I drove where we are going to run and Oh my hello it is going to be good and it is really pretty but I hope we aren't sucking up dust from the road. Chris kept saying "wow this is really steep," I was like be quiet! bring it on!!!!! Just thinking of you and your family you are all so awesome!