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Monday, September 7, 2009

We can win Del Sol

As I was looking at last years results unless I'm wrong there was 29 minutes between us a 1st. place. That really is not bad. I think if we all work really hard we can do this! I know a bunch of girls in my ward that just finished the Red Rock Relay and I got so excited again. Lets Run!


Marinda said...

I think it would be so fun to win. SO I better get my butt going!!

Nikki said...

I knew it was you or Sarah. You guys are so much fun to run with. We are so competitive. I think that if we all try to beat our own times or to at least improve we will surprise our selves. I am trying to fit my runs in as much as I can. I am struggling a little because Dezy and I are so sleep deprived but hey game on.

Sarah said...

I Love you Kim you keep me motivated and you enthusiasm is contagious!! So glad to see you on here and still stick with the team!!!!