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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Am Back In the Game

Well I wasn't to worried about my legs so I was taking it easy. Then they changed the legs and now I am leg 6 and my first run is like 7 miles up hill. So now I am freaking out. Lori is getting nervous to so she will kick my butt into gear. No worries, right. We are upping our miles and putting in more hills. I am way excited!! Looking forward to feeling like I am going to through up and die. My kind of work out.


Zhalore said...

That's the best kind of work out, when you feel like you are going to trow up and die! :) This week is my week to start getting back into it too.

Karleen said...

I have ran everyday this week so far. That is good for me. Go Marinda I know you'll do great. Thank you Lori for taking my leg.

Sarah said...

Rin your going to kick some butt! I have hit it hard this and I feel pretty good. I did pull a muscle in my rt glute, so I'm having a little ass pain. But other than that it's been a good week for running!

chris and kim said...

I am freaking out. As I type this my hands are already sweating. Not this Sat. but next I will run my first Marathon. This week I only run a total of 22 and its weird because I am use to doing more (I'm not complaining) but I hope all my hard work pays off and I finish with a good time and no injuries. I can't wait to see all of you again.

Zhalore said...

Sara i'm so sorry about your pain in the ass!! Ha, ha, ha. I hope you get feeling better soon.