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Sunday, January 31, 2010

London's 1/2 marathon

Me, Marinda, our friends Amy and Shauna all went and ran in London's Run this past weekend. It was SOOOOO much FUN! London's Run was put together for a little girl who had AML Leukemia like my niece Desmon. We decided to go run it in Desmons honor! It was an emotional run that kept me pushing through the whole race. Marinda decided to do it a week before the race. She hadn't been running at all, because of 3 feet of snow and sick little ones. It was our first 1/2 marathon. She did at a 9:13 pace. I am soooo proud of her. No training and does it under a 9:30 min. pace! WOW! My friend Amy started running for her first time in November. The 1/2 marathon was her first race ever. She did it in a 10:08 min. pace! She is AWESOME! My goal was an 8min pace, and I did it in a 7:50min pace. I am so excited! I thought we all did AWESOME! I'm so proud of us for reaching our goals. We kept Desmon in our minds and heart the whole race and it really kept us pushing! She has endured sooo much and I know if she keep going, we can keep running. So keep training and lets do it for DEZ!
P.S. I resubmitted our team pace, so we should be getting our start times next week. And then we will make some plans.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I wanted to thank Raquel for getting volunteers together for our race. She told me that she thought of it while running and that she gets most of her good ideas while running so she may not ever get to stop running. Raquel tell Dalton and Steven thanks so much for doing this and Lori let Hannah know that we are so excited she is willing to help. It is coming so fast and I am getting a little wigged out.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's coming up!!!

Well it's comin' up on us whether we like it or not. I still haven't heard start times yet. Volunteer registration starts Jan. 23rd at 8am. We need three volunteers, so if you know of someone that you think would volunteer please let me know. We want them to be able to pick the best volunteer time. So if you let me know ASAP, I can get on or and register them or they can. Whatever is easier. Thanks guys!! Remember we are running for Dez. So keep training and do your best. If you do your best you've succeeded! Also, we need one more driver for DEL SOL. For van 2. Remember there will be Zhalore, Erika, and me in Van 2. That equals a CRAZY VAN, which means: loud, a little racey at times, but a whole lot of fun!!! So beware before you ask someone. Can't wait to see you guys!
I don't know about anyone else but I am a little frustrated. Here it is almost time for the race and my kids have been sick, I have been sick, and now there is 6 inches of snow outside. Such a pain. It is hard enough for me to find time to run with all my lilttle monkey running around. O'well I know stop complaining and just get it done

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Okay team. How is your training? Let's see mine oh yeah IT SUCKS!!!!! So I try to run at the JCC that is next to the hospital, which is actually so nice because they let you use the facility for free if your kids are in the hospital. It is great except sometimes your kids are not always in a state that you can leave them. I am so excited for all of you. It makes me so sad when I see the pictures from the last races that I was there with you all. I am going to be thinking of you all during your race. Please keep me updated with texts. Oh and Erika thanks for the card it was very nice of you. Have lots of fun for me. It isn't hard to have fun with that group though. Good luck to all of you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I went running for the first time since I had my baby. This picture says it all. 6 weeks till the race that is awesome. OH HELP!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Do we need to organize drivers? Didn't know what the plan is for that. I can still see if my Mom will be up for it if needed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Sorry! I have been neglecting my Capt duties. I won't make excuses though... I will just be better. I have talked to someone about shirts. We are ordering a pink and purple. they are my nieces favorite colors. Van1 will ware there purple shirts there first run and pink for there last run. Van 2 will do the opposite, then when we get pictures at the end we will have half in pink and half in purple. They will say Mom's Found Therapy Runs For Dez on the front and then have sponsors on the back. i think all of you know by now, but our sweet niece (Nikki's daughter) has just been diagnosed with AML Leukemia...Yes on top of her Crohn's disease. We really want to Race for her. It means alot to her when we run for her. If anyone has a hard time training, just think of my niece. If she can go through all she's going through with a sweet smile on her face, the least we can do is RUN. I know it keeps me going even when I want to wimp out, because I would rather be outside then the treadmill. So if you need a little motivation think of her. Lets try to bring home a bat ton for her. Also I need Shirts sizes by the end of the week. If I don't get your size I will order what you wrote down when you registered. I have not got a starting time yet, but when I do I will let you know and we'll start making plans. I will also be posting my packing list that you can use if you like. Can't wait to see you all!!!

Steph, If you want to stay in Phoenix Thursday night I think Chris and I will be staying there with some friends. I know Chris would love to see you guys.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New kid on the Block

So I am needing to make travel arrangements and am wondering if any of you can give me the low down. When do we get our start time? I hear that some stay in a hotel in Prescott on thursday night, does this apply to Van 2 also? Do we make assignments for food, water, etc, or do we bring our own? What is the weather generally?
Hope that everyone's training is going well!!!