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Friday, February 6, 2009


Hey to all of you who are wondering how Desmon is doing, we are having a very long day. We have been here since 8:00 am and we are still waiting on the surgen. They have decided that today is not a good day for her surgery and so we will be doing it tomorrow. I will keep you all posted.


Deni said...


I am so sorry for Desmon. We're praying hard for you.

I was on the phone with Grandma when this post came across, so I was able to update her.

- Deni

Sarah said...

Thanks for keeping us all updated. We love you and Des so much!

lori said...

Hang in there Nikki, I'm so glad your mom can be up there with you. Thanks for keeping us posted, I think we're all going crazy for updates!!