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Monday, May 18, 2009


This morning I went to Salem and rode my bike and then ran. I have a triathlon coming up in 2 weeks, so I thought I'd just go and gauge an approximate time for myself so I'm not too hard on myself later. Anyway, as I was getting out of my van I lathered myself up with a great product, when I say lathered, I really just mean I rubbed it under my arms so I wouldn't Chafe.

Then I thought of the e-mail or blog post or whatever it was that talked about chafing in the last race that you all did so I thought I would share if you don't know what the product is.

It is called Body Glide. It is a must have! It is water proof, and as you start to sweat, it protects your body from chafing. It's almost like vaseline, but not quite.

Most triathletes use it, and I don't know how many runners use it, but you can put it under your arms, on your feet if you tend to get blisters, between your legs, if you're like me and you've allowed yourself to get a little too chunky there. (I'm sure none of you are like that, but I am and so...)

You can find it at any running store, or triathlon store. It will cost you about 10 bucks and it looks like a stick of deodorant.

It will save your precious little body.

The end.


chris and kim said...

Love the stuff, used it on my race and it is great! Good luck on your tri. Looking forward to meeting you!

Marinda said...

I have only had trouble chafing once but o how I hated it. So maybe I will keep that in mind for the race. Thanks

Deni said...

This also helps with blisters. So, if you're worried about a blister on your run, be sure to get Body Glide