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Monday, October 5, 2009

AAAAhhhhh I just signed up for the Runners Series so I"m a for sure for the St. George Marathon. What am I thinking?! I am actually really excited. Stop my mid-life crisis!
I ran 10 this morning and felt really good. I think I'm getting excited again after feeling a little burned out.


Katrina said...

I really wish I could just go out for a 10 mile run like its really 3 miles. You are my inspiration! Thanks for making me tell myself I need to get out there and run when I don't feel like it! I have to catch up with your awesomeness!!

Zhalore said...

That's the way I got into the St. George Marathon. I loved it! I just ran it last weekend. I signed up today for the Ogden Marathon. Am I having a mid-life crisis too? I decided not to do the runners series again this year. I'll take my chances with the lottery and if I don't get in I think I'll try the Top of Utah. I'm excited for you to do St. George!!

chris and kim said...

I didn't know you did the St. George you are awesome! Was that your first time? Did you like it? I loved the Ogden it is so well done. Good Job Zhalore you rock! I've heard Top of Utah is awesome but I don't know much about it. Yeaa for you!

Zhalore said...

It was my first marathon and I loved it! Just don't be fooled into thinking it's a "down hill" marathon. There are a lot of up hills! Nothing that can't be ran, but just plenty of them. You will love it and love doing the runners series. It's fun to get away to St. George durring the cold months and run down there.