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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

illuminate vests

Hi gals;

We're (me and Sarah) are trying to figure out how many vests/headlamps we have and if we need to purchase any. I think we have enough headlamps but I'm not sure on the vests. Please let us know ASAP if you have one.
Katrina... I know you said you could look down in the valley if we need to get some, are you still open to do that - just in case?
I'm so excited to see all of you and I know this is crazy but I'm also so excited to introduce you to my mom and sister - I want to show all of you off!!! Our team of amazing runners!!! My sister is still planning on the Spaghetti dinner on Thursday so come with an appetite!
Last week of training...YAHOO


chris and kim said...

Lori your sister is awesome and I can't wait to meet them as well. I have a head lamp I am bringing as well as a vest so van #1 officially has one of each from me. We are hoping to get there in good time to eat some pasta with you all! Tell her thank you so much! Kim

Karleen said...

I have a head lamp for van #2. I think we just have one so far.

Karleen said...

This blogging thing was shut a good idea who thought of it anyway??

Katrina said...

I looked at Sports Authority last night for a vest and didn't find one...I will check a few other stores around me. How many do you want me to pick up?

Sarah said...

Raquel has two vest she'll be bringing for van1. And a headlamp.

Sarah said...

Nikki knows where to get vest, so she said she would get three. One for me and her and then one more that I will buy in-less someone else wants one.

Nikki said...

I just looked at your legs on the race bible and you are offically my hero. Growing up you were always my hero,but you are now my super hero. You go sexy legs!!!