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Monday, January 26, 2009

Wasatch Team 2009

Zhalore Averett - TEAM CAPTAIN
Sarah Reed
Nikki Rowley
Karleen Rehrer
Marinda Parry
Lori Nelson
Deni Berger
Kim Weight
Kandice Compas
Allison Lomax
Erica Wilde
Raquel Hughes???
(She may be going to her class reunion instead. Crazy I know! Does anyone go to those anymore? J/Kiddin')
So far we are full, in less someone drops out.
The Shirts we ordered are for Del Sol and Wasatch. We will let you know the cost once we find out ourselves. Thanks!

Oh, and to all you that are posting on the blog WOOOHOOO you guys ROCK! Last year it was basically Kar and I making fun of each other.

One more thing let me know who is planning on stay the night in Mesa Saturday. I am getting rooms. I am staying. I am planning on PARTYING (Alcohol free of course) with my sistas, and the rest of the UTAH GANG. I"ll be seeing you soon!


Karleen said...

Wow Sarah I haven't been called Karleen Hughes in over 5 years. I bet you just did not know how to spell my last name, so to be safe you stayed with Hughes.

Marinda said...

Sarah that is funny and Karleen your comment also very funny. I didn't even notice. I really needed a laugh today.

Nikki said...

I didn't even notice either Kar. If Raquel is not going to run it Jen says she wants to. So I am pretty sure we have a full team for the Wasatch.

Sarah said...

Kar i am soooo Sorry. I do know how to spell your last name REHRER, ?right? ok so I am not so sure, but I really did do it on accident. I will change it.