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Monday, September 14, 2009

5K PR for me!

This past Saturday I was the running leg in a sprint tri for the Special Olympics. My run portion was a 5k. It was about 90 degrees so I know I could have done so much better if I didn't feel like I was going to puke from dehydration/heat exhaustion. I ran it in 28:32. I know this doesn't look very good to most of you since you are all animals and could have done 7 or 8 minute miles, but it was good for me!!


Sarah said...

Awesome Job KK!!! Can't wait til DEL SOL!

chris and kim said...

Good Job! You are an awsome runner! Way to go.

Marinda said...

That sounds like fun. I would love to do just the running part of a tri. Good job. The heat is terrible to run in and you still did great.

Nikki said...

Hey it's all about doing your best. That is so great that you did so well. Be proud of yourself. We all are proud of you.