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Friday, January 30, 2009

Wipe Out

Okay this is for all of you who know how I get in a zone when I run. Well today I was running my run down by the American Fork Temple and on the side of the road someone had left 2 huge rolls of carpet. Well of course I was in the zone trying to hit my goal and I thought for sure I lifted my foot up high enough but I didn't and I flippin ate it. I totally face planted on the road. And if any of you have traveled the road 4800 w that runs by the temple and in front of Lone Peak High School you know how busy the traffic can be. This was today at noon. It was so dang funny. And of course I jumped and acted like nothing happened and kept running. I have a huge strawberry down my left arm and my hands look like hamburger. It hurt so bad but there was no way I was going to fold to pain. All I could do was think of Karleen laughing her head off. And I also thought of Kim rolling with laughter. (Her laugh is so contagious.) I just wanted to share my exciting run with you all today. I wish someone I knew could of seen it.


Marinda said...

Nikki that is sooo funny. lol!! I can't beleive you did that. I have fallen before too but man I would do anything to see that. Thanks for the laugh always needed. Love you and can't wait to see you.

Sarah said...

Love the Post!!! Wish I could have been there. HAHA!!!

Sarah said...
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chris and kim said...

This is from Kim and Em AAAAHHHHHH sorry but that is hilarious!!! Sorry we feel bad that you got hurt but dang we would love to see that. We know if the tables were turned and it was us you would die laughing too. Also, you are an animal Em and I did 2.5 miles up suncrest because we only had 45 minutes to run and it kicked our butt plus, our eyeballs about froze out of their sockets and em's butt cheeks about fell off because it was 16 freakin degrees. We averaged 9:25. Holy cow I don't know how you did the whole thing. We will try to conquer it again another day. BRING IT ON!!!!