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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Revised Reservations

Hey guys good news. My mom is staying with us in Mesa, so we are able to get the senior discount. I went ahead and reserved another room, because on the website it said "roll outs unavailable." I don't know about you guys, but after not sleeping the night before and running a challenging race. I want a nice comfortable bed to sleep in. Are you all with me? We have until 6pm Fri. night to cancel if anyone wants the floor.

Lori and Marinda, I have to confess, I didn't get my 30 miles in this week. I spent all day preparing my Relief Society Lesson and never found time for a run. I am a little disappointed, but next week my goal is 35miles. To make up for my laziness this week. I have to say i am so proud of how hard everyone is training you guys are an awesome team! Keep it up, it's almost game time!
Molly and Valerie Reynolds from the Del Sol team

Valerie and I ran this morning in the fourth annual London's Run 10K in Queen Creek, AZ.

Val did great and kept a steady pace between 9 and 9:30 minute miles; despite her hip being a pain. I followed about fifty steps behind and we both finished feeling very satisfied and ready for an orange slice.

Prescott, here we come.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Motel for Sat. night.

Hey guys! Gosh it is sooo good to see everyone using the blog. I love to get on and get ideas for training or,,,,, here someones most embarassing moments,(nikki)LOL. The Posts are so fun to read! And Thanks Deni for showing us the author thing. It's been great! Anyway, back to business. I reserved 2 rooms in Mesa for Sat. night. They sleep 4 to a room. Right now I have 9 people staying the night. Does anyone else want to join us? If so I will reserve another room. Just let me know ASAP....Thanks!!!

Wipe Out

Okay this is for all of you who know how I get in a zone when I run. Well today I was running my run down by the American Fork Temple and on the side of the road someone had left 2 huge rolls of carpet. Well of course I was in the zone trying to hit my goal and I thought for sure I lifted my foot up high enough but I didn't and I flippin ate it. I totally face planted on the road. And if any of you have traveled the road 4800 w that runs by the temple and in front of Lone Peak High School you know how busy the traffic can be. This was today at noon. It was so dang funny. And of course I jumped and acted like nothing happened and kept running. I have a huge strawberry down my left arm and my hands look like hamburger. It hurt so bad but there was no way I was going to fold to pain. All I could do was think of Karleen laughing her head off. And I also thought of Kim rolling with laughter. (Her laugh is so contagious.) I just wanted to share my exciting run with you all today. I wish someone I knew could of seen it.


Hi Gals of Van #1

With all these new course changes (thats about to drive me crazy! I train for hills and get distance, I train for distance and get hills, now I have both hopefully it won't change again)!!! Anyway we decided to move around some of the leg assignments, see below:
LEG #1 - KIM
LEG #2 - VAL
When you get a chance, look over your legs to see if this is okay. If you want to change, get with that person and work out a trade. I hope this is okay with everyone!!
I look so forward to meeting you all! I'm excited to run with Zahlore again, you are hilarious!


Ok, so I have some hills to conquer and I haven't been training for hills since my half was on flat ground. Any advice on how to boost my hill running ability in a short period of time? I have no hills around my house but I can run on the treadmill at the gym. What's the best way to make me better FAST?!?!?!?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

talk about kicken A--!

Hey ya all!!! I have to brag!!!!! I just have to let you all know that Marinda is on FIRE! My little prodigy is kicking my ass! (Yes I said it, I said ASS). She is amazing and I love running with her. You sisters are going to be so proud!! Let's keep in touch with each other during the race so we can see how we're all doing; besides, I'm going to need all the support I can get - I'm freaking out a little about my leg, but I'm excited too. I just need to see if this 43 year old mama can cut it. Thanks to all for posting your best running times and your worst running times, it helps to know that everyone seems to have good and bad days. I seem to be having more bad ones lately (yikes)! Ladies it's almost game time!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Starting time - Volunteers - Course update

Hey girlies, we got our start time. We start at 7am, which I am totally excited about, the earlier start the earlier we get done, right. I know some of you noticed, they had us down for needing 3 Volunteers. No worries, I contacted Janessa from ragnar and she said it was a mix up and she had it fixed. I have already checked the website to make sure, and it was indeed be changed. So YAAAAAAAAAAY, one less thing to worry about. For those of you planning on staying the night in Mesa, I am still checking on Hotels. I will let you know as soon as I find something.

Last, but not least, Course Map update. If you haven't heard the course map has changed a bit. It really hasn't affected van 2, but van 1, just a little bit. Leg 1 not much, but a little more difficult. Leg 2 easier - Leg 3 a little more diff. Leg 4no change, and Leg 5 HARDER. So if any of you would like to switch, contact that person. Kim would like more miles if she could get them. She is leg 2. Just look it over, talk it over, and let Lori "Sexy Legs" Nelson and I know.

Thanks again guys for making this possible. If I wouldn't have found a team,,,,well,,, I guess I would've been running with the Joe City crew. No, but I am so excited and I hope you all are too. Keep up the training, we are almost there.
This is a shout out to my beautiful sister Karleen. She rocks! So we decided that we needed to run a long run last Saturday. This was all because Kim and Em had to brag about there awesome 1/2 marathon (Just kidding, I love that you guys share.) and so we decided that we needed to make sure we could run a long one. We decided it was time to run Suncrest again. Well we started up and Karleen was kicking my butt. I was eating her dust. So I told her I needed to shed some clothes, so that I could really catch my breath. Well I shedded some clothes and we continued up the hill. It is a 10 mile run. You run up to the top of Suncrest, which is 5 miles up the mountain. In some areas it is an 8% incline. So it is a good challenging run if you are looking to improve on hills. Well Karleen was getting so mad at herself because she said she felt awful. Well when we got to the top we had ran the run in 51.50 minutes. We averaged a little over a 10 minute mile. I was so proud of her and us for that matter. We have never ran that run in such a great time. It was also raining and turning to snow the higher we got. Karleen always tells me how slow she is and how she slows me down and that isn't the case. She is doing great and she is way too hard on herself. So this is a shout out to tell her she kicks A--!! I love you Kar and I love running with you. I have never ran with anyone that pushes themselves as hard as you do except maybe McCoy. Love you. You are beautiful. See you Saturday.


So I ran 10 miles Saturday and got my best time. I was really excited then yesterday I went out to run a little 6 mile run and felt like crap. I almost had to stop at the 2.5 mark. I had cramps in my stomach and sides that I haven't had for months. When does it get easy? Why am I starting to go backwards? Any advice?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wasatch Team 2009

Zhalore Averett - TEAM CAPTAIN
Sarah Reed
Nikki Rowley
Karleen Rehrer
Marinda Parry
Lori Nelson
Deni Berger
Kim Weight
Kandice Compas
Allison Lomax
Erica Wilde
Raquel Hughes???
(She may be going to her class reunion instead. Crazy I know! Does anyone go to those anymore? J/Kiddin')
So far we are full, in less someone drops out.
The Shirts we ordered are for Del Sol and Wasatch. We will let you know the cost once we find out ourselves. Thanks!

Oh, and to all you that are posting on the blog WOOOHOOO you guys ROCK! Last year it was basically Kar and I making fun of each other.

One more thing let me know who is planning on stay the night in Mesa Saturday. I am getting rooms. I am staying. I am planning on PARTYING (Alcohol free of course) with my sistas, and the rest of the UTAH GANG. I"ll be seeing you soon!

Woooo hooo this is Las Tres Chicas okay it's Emilee or Em is what she gets called, our mom, who ran the 5K in St. George and Me, Kim (When we were in St. George running the half marathon) Our mom is 66 and she is awesome she got 2nd place in her division which she calls old. she wanted to celebrate the 3 of us running and said that she bought us the twinner shirts so that we would be able to run really fast. This is after the race so we have that beautiful after race glow (NOT!) So this be us!!!

I have a question can someone put the list of who is on for the Wasatch Back. I know with Em leaving it creates a space and I know 2 girls in my neighborhood who would LOVE to run with us if there is the need so just let me know. My friend Kandice is running the wasatch back with us and she is awesome we actually run by her house in Morgan. Can you say hot showers?

Okay here is my challenge question: Who wants to run the Ogden Marathon May 16th. I thought it would be a great way to break in my aaaahhh having to turn 40 in May. I am nervous but I know my mentality is weaker than my physical so maybe I can get the two of them to get along. Anyway, it is cheaper if you register before Jan. 31st the race is May 16th so I think I am going to go for it. A bunch of runners I have talked to said its an excellent race to start off with so aaaaah here I go!

Thank you for getting the shirts that is great. I was kind of hoping for tube tops but I guess we can still look sexy in tanks (just kidding) I already love you all!



Just to answer a question asked about the shirts. The shirts are for both teams. We decided to get the same for both and just put all the sponsors on them. There are quite a few people doing both races so this saves money from sponsors and out of pocket. I'll give totals when I can.

I am not fast either and everytime I think I am really getting faster I read the blog and get smashed. O'well I am just going to do my best and have a whole lot of fun.

Introducing Katrina...

Hi Ladies!! I am so excited about this relay. I hate to hear that Amy was injured but I am glad I was asked to replace her. Some of you know me, but for those who don' are some pics from the half I did. At the end of 2007 I made a committment to myself to run the PF Chang's Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Jan of 09 here in Phx. I thought it would be fun and a new challenge for myself, not realizing how addicting running is!! I didn't get serious about it until 8 months ago. I am not a mom who needed therapy, but somebody who went through divorce. Running definately kept my sanity through the whole ordeal and I have become a life long runner now! Good things can come from trials in your life! I am a true beleiver in that.

I am not a fast runner...yet! Kim and Em stomped my time in the half, so I don't feel so proud now! haha I haven't been putting in as much miles a week as it seems everybody else has. I only ran 3 miles last week after the half. My calves were still a little sore, so I decided I had better give them more time to recoup. I am back at it this week though and I will try to get my mileage up with you crazy girls. I am nervous about the elevation change for me. There aren't any hills around me so if I want to run hills, I have to go to the gym and run on the treadmill and we all know how exciting that can be! Needless to say, I haven't done much of that! :) Keep up the blogging, you motivate me and inspire me! You ladies are amazing and I hope I am as good as you are one day!! :) Happy Runnin...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Team Member, Erica Wilde

Hey guys good news my friend Erica Wilde is in for the Wasatch! She is so much FUN. You guys are going to love her. And did I mention she is an AWESOME runner too? Anyway just wanted to let you guys know. Hey Lori, Marinda and Zhalore I got my 30 miles in this week, how'd you guys do? I had to run 10miles on Saturday to get'er done, but I did it.Thanks for keeping me motivated!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Sorry about not posting this earlier. I quess I asumed everyone knew about the shirts. So sorry about that. I ordered some from my cousin in Phoenix. They are running shirts. We decided on 1 tank and 2 short sleeve shirts. This way everyone can change after every run. They have our sponsors on them and our name. The tank is royal blue and white. The short sleeve shirts one is columbia blue and the other is red. I hope that is all o.k. We did our best and tryed to get the best colors they had. The price is still up in the air because we are still waiting on money from on sponsor but it doesn't look like it is going to be bad for 3 shirts. Sorry again for not posting this sooner. If you have any questions just let me know.

Great Run!

Kim,Em,and Katrina, way to go on the 1/2 marathon! you guys are AWESOME! I have to just take a few minutes to brag about my run. Not because of an amazing time, but because of the weather! It was a cool 65 degrees, with a little cloud coverage, a slight sprinkle and refreshing cool breeze. Not wind, but a breeze, it felt almost like a ceiling fan attached to the clouds above me. I felt like I was in runners heaven. I could have ran all day! It was wonderful. Heaven ended as soon as I walked in the door to a crying baby and kids yelling and screaming at each other, but at least I got my hour of therapy. I can't wait to go running today! It's only 9:30am and I am already in need for my therapy session. Just think guys, in a month you will be joining me in this wonderful weather. And, then in May and June you can brag to me about your awesome weather, while I am getting up at 4am to begin a run before it hits 90 degrees @ 5am.

Molly good to see you on here. I was so happy to see you had joined us. It is so fun to put a name to a face. Keep us updated. Sounds like your training is going well. I totally understand, finding hills here in Tucson is not an easy task either. My hills are little bumps in the road.

Katrina, did you get my evite to be an Author on here? If so get on here girl! If not let me know. I will send you another one. Can't wait to see you again. It's been awhile. Well I am putting some pictures on from our Wasatch race to get you all Pumped UP! Can't Wait! Happy Training to you!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Light is at the end of the Tunnel

I really believe that we will be able to run outside Utah people soon. The air is suppose to be better at the beginning of next week and I am out and off the dang treadmill come hell or high water! I can't wait to be with all of you it is going to be so much fun. I am sad as this is my sister Emilee's last hoooraaay with me before she moves to Virginia for 2 years. She is so much fun and I love her 2 boys as my own so we need to definitely have a blast. She flys out the following Monday after the race so as excited as I am for her I am sad for me as she seriously is one of my best friends. We kicked some butt at the half marathon and felt pretty good about our efforts. We finished doing about a 8:34 minute mile and the sun on our faces was therapeutic. Everyone sounds great and you inspire me! Keep it up. Also, do we want to get twinner shirts for the race? Or should we just at least have the same color and everyone could go to Target and get 3 different colored shirts that we agree on any ideas? just let me know!!! Kick some booty out there!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey, it's Molly again.

I don't think the link to my page worked out at the end of that last post.

Try this:

I can usually be found hanging out around there. Come stop by and drop a line if you get time in between those weekly tempos and speed sessions.
Hi Team!! Thank-you, Karleen, for inviting me to join the blog.
Allow me to introduce myself; I am Molly Reynolds, Valerie's sister-in-law (our hubby's are brothers). I live in Queen Creek, AZ and I am so excited to be involved in Mom's Found Therapy (what an appropriately named team - love it).
I began running two years ago about six months after my daughter was born. I also have a seven-year-old son. I started running to shed the baby weight and have been hooked ever since! I started entering races just to be around other people who love the sport. I am not a competitive runner, but just enjoy getting out and having the time to exercise my body while giving my brain a little vacation. My husband, Olen, is always glad to hold down the fort so I can go out for a run! ;)
I sure wish I had the support group that Val has in Heber/Overgaard. I run on my own right now about five to six miles a day, usually with my daughter in her jogging stroller (she gets bored after mile five and starts throwing her dolls over the side). I am working my distance up a mile each day and a half, though. I run a steady 10-minute mile and am practicing my up-hills. It's tough to find hills out here, but I'm working on it. My major worry is the elevation difference. I am open to any advice or training tips that could help me prepare these next thrity-something days before the race.
Here are some pictures so you can put a face with the name.

This is me (on the right) Thanksgiving 2007 at the Turkey Trot 10K.

Here is me and Valerie this past Thanksgiving Day 2008.
Other than the elevation shock, freezing my tail off and Val kicking my trash on the uphill, I had a blast.

Thanks, again for having me on the team. I've already told Val; but I am a little nervous about my preformance compared to you other runner logging ten-plus miles a day. I run to maintain my sanity and jean size. But I will always do my best and am so excited for the big day.
I am a fellow blogger. If you want to learn more about me, stop on by anytime!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I am getting so excited!!!! I don't care if I am ready or not I just want to do this and have some fun. Don't let Sarah fool you. She always acts like she is so out of shape and doing so bad then she comes up and kicks my butt. I have to thank Nikki for the running advice. You really could be a running coach. Thanks so much. If you get frustrated just put your problem in for coach Rowley to help you out. She's awsome.


Okay we only have 38 days! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!I am getting nerveous I only ran 20 miles last week! I can't even use the weather for an excuse. It's been 70-75 lately. What can I say I'm a Lazy A_ _ ! Okay I am making a goal today to run 30miles every week until the race. Anyone with me? I need some motivation people so come join my goal! Oh, Kim, Emm, and Katrina how was the 1/2 marathons? How you do?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am DYING!!! I wouldn't recommend taking off a month and a half from all exercise and eat like a pig. I was going to start back up on my exercising and running January 1st, but then I got sick. So I started back this week with Tae Bo and weights and running. Any small amount of muscle I did have is GONE! I'll be lucky if I can get 15 miles in this week. I am so mad at myself for taking so much time off. I guess I've learned my lesson. It sounds like you all are doing great on your miles. Keep it up. You Rock!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hey guys a little upadate on my training. I ran five miles today and almost passed out. I have sworn off sugar and went to decaf diet Coke and all it's gotten me is, passing out after a five mile run. I think I'm going back to my old ways!!! The hard stuff, Reg.Diet Coke and all the chocolate I can eat! My goal is 30 miles this week anyone with me?
Hey Team,

I went ahead and booked our rooms. To get this price I had to pay in advance. The price per person is $19.20. I was planning on collecting the money when we checked in, but I had to pay now. If you could send the money when you get a chance that would be great. I looked at the reviews and all 9 people said the rooms were kind of small, but Very clean. This was the least expensive place I could find, without staying in a dive. Thanks-Sarah

P.S. HAPPY TRAINING!!! Oh one more thing I emailed you the itinerary if you want to check it out.

This is for DEL SOL.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

DEL SOL 2009

Zhalore - LEG 1
Kim - LEG 2
Lori - LEG 3
Molly - LEG 4
Val - LEG 5
Emmily - LEG 6

Amy - LEG 7
Marinda - LEG 8
Nikki - LEG 9
Raquel - LEG 10
Sarah - LEG 11
Karleen - LEG 12

Here are the leg assign. If anyone is not happy with their leg, contact the person you would like to trade with. Keep in mind any leg you have is going to take training. There is really not an easy leg on this new course. But don't let that sike you out. As long as you are trying to run 5-6 days of week you should do fine.

Also I think the best place to meet is in Phoenix. We need to leave extra vehicles there, because that is where the race ends. We can leave vehicles with family that live down there. I am getting rooms in Prescott. They will cost us approximately $25 a piece. The cost of the Vans will be $20 a piece. We will split the cost of gas, and not sure how much that will be. Hopefully the gas prices will continue dropping. If you have any questions please contact me. 520 572-9191 or
Please continue to check your email and our team blog for more details. Thanks again for joining me on this adventure. Yes, I know it seems like alot of work, but it is SOOOOO worth it. I promise you will have fun!

One more thing, you girls from Utah are probably going to want to stay the night in phoenix before heading home. If my husband makes it home from Maryland, I might just stay too.
Thanks again,


I'm not a blogger so I hope this post works. Since it's the beginning of a new year I guess I feel like I need to set some new goals. Or maybe just re-set some old goals. I never make any of my goals official by writing them down or telling people about them, but this year I'll post a goal for everyone to see. Yes, everyone to see. The 4 or 5 of you that check this blog! That's a lot of people that will be watching to see if I can keep up on my 1 goal. So my goal will be..... to run 25-30 miles a week. I know that's not a lot for all you crazy ladies out there, but for me, that will be pushing it. When I log on and read your posts, I get inspired to do more and be better. So thanks a lot! Keep posting. Even though I don't post I do read what you all are doing. Have a Happy New Year and get out and RUN! You'll be lookin' fine in 2009!!!!!