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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is a shout out to my beautiful sister Karleen. She rocks! So we decided that we needed to run a long run last Saturday. This was all because Kim and Em had to brag about there awesome 1/2 marathon (Just kidding, I love that you guys share.) and so we decided that we needed to make sure we could run a long one. We decided it was time to run Suncrest again. Well we started up and Karleen was kicking my butt. I was eating her dust. So I told her I needed to shed some clothes, so that I could really catch my breath. Well I shedded some clothes and we continued up the hill. It is a 10 mile run. You run up to the top of Suncrest, which is 5 miles up the mountain. In some areas it is an 8% incline. So it is a good challenging run if you are looking to improve on hills. Well Karleen was getting so mad at herself because she said she felt awful. Well when we got to the top we had ran the run in 51.50 minutes. We averaged a little over a 10 minute mile. I was so proud of her and us for that matter. We have never ran that run in such a great time. It was also raining and turning to snow the higher we got. Karleen always tells me how slow she is and how she slows me down and that isn't the case. She is doing great and she is way too hard on herself. So this is a shout out to tell her she kicks A--!! I love you Kar and I love running with you. I have never ran with anyone that pushes themselves as hard as you do except maybe McCoy. Love you. You are beautiful. See you Saturday.


Sarah said...

She's right Kar. YOu are AWESOME. You are going to ROCK, just like Wasatch! Love you!

lori said...

Karlene, you have always amazed me! I can't wait to see you again!!!

chris and kim said...

Okay Nikki and Karleen you guys are amazing. Em and I are going to attempt to run the Suncrest on Sat. so we will see what we can do. Tomorrow we are doing 2 runs one in the morning and one at night. Woooohooooo! Wish us luck.

Karleen said...

Wow! Nikki that was so nice. She is exaggerated a lot. I know she stopped to shed clothes because she was afraid she was going to have to call 911 if I went any further. Thanks Nikki for the confidence. It is hard running with you because you are so fast and I know I will never be that good well because I just don't care. I swear you are in better shape this year than last you are doing amazing. Go Job!! Your hard work has definately paid off. FYI: I tried running 5 miles on a 10% incline on Tuesday did not even make it half way. AND IT SUCKED!!!