Make your own Countdown Clocks

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So my hubby surprised me with a bosch and wheat grinder. I have made cookies, cake, meat rolls, bread twice, and gained 5 pounds!! So now I am going to kick it into gear. Time to put the game face on. WooHoo!!


Karleen said...

Wow what was the occasion for you to get the bosch. You have only been wanting one for what 9 yrs now. I wish I was there to eat it with you, but I wouldn't run it off so I guess it is good I am not.

Nikki said...

You rock! So let's see I have made, that is right NOTHING!!! You can grind your own wheat and make your own bread? Wow that is news to me. I thought all cookies came in a box. Just kidding I suck. I am not being domestice at all.
You are my hero. You are truly the best mom ever. If you were to look mom up in the dictionary you would see your face. My face is under B----.