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Monday, November 2, 2009

HEY LADIES!! I realized I never told you all I actually got a long run in on vacation. Sarah and Nikki, thanks for the motivation. You were so right!! I didn't do 10 like I was supposed to but I got 7 in and had some hills in there. I figured the hills made up for the 3 miles I didn't run. Whatever makes me feel better about it, right? The run was georgous! I ran around a little lake and the trees were yellow, orange and red. I was completely lost in the beauty of the scenery and kinda forgot I was really running. I really enjoyed running in a new place. The town I was in is an extremely small town in Iowa and I felt like I was being stared at while I ran through town. I felt like people were looking at me because they didn't know who this weirdo was running through town that they didn't know. It was fun anyway. I wish there was that much beauty in Phoenix when I's just boring rocks and cactus. Blah!

I've been battling a sinus infection and haven't gotten much running in the last week. My head feels like it's going to explode. This weekend I was supposed to get 12 miles in and I crapped out at 6. I was really disappointed, but I couldn't breathe and my head was hurting-not to mention I had to circle back to my house 2 times to use the bathroom!! Why does that always happen to me?? lol I'm getting super nervous about the full marathon I'm supposed to do in Jan. Only 2 months away and the longest run I've done is 8 miles. Yikes! And the holidays are coming up and I suck at training during this time. I keep telling myself I have to keep going and getting my runs in. Ok...just thought I'd post a little something...keep running girlies!!


chris and kim said...

You can totally do this! I know it's hard when you are sick but if you can at least do the long runs. Take some GU and take it every 45 minutes on your long runs or anything longer than 8 miles and it will give you some extra energy. Pace yourself at a little slower pace than you are used to. Even if you have someone that can ride a bike the first 3 or 4 miles with you or run that much with you it helps to not feel lonely while running. If I lived by you I'd totally run with you. Get better and do the best you can don't beat yourself up you can do this!

Marinda said...

You can do it. I so glad you posted it is so nice for me to read about others training. I better get going more on mine.