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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I ran 10 miles Saturday and got my best time. I was really excited then yesterday I went out to run a little 6 mile run and felt like crap. I almost had to stop at the 2.5 mark. I had cramps in my stomach and sides that I haven't had for months. When does it get easy? Why am I starting to go backwards? Any advice?


Sarah said...

Your not going backwards! We all have bad days. Remember when I did that 5 miler and had to stop twice. Then I did 10 just the other day and felt awesome. Just keep it up! You are doing great!!!!

Nikki said...

Every runner has days that are like you have completely stopped running and are starting over again. It is all good. However, with me, I notice I feel like that when I haven't gotten enough sleep or haven't eaten enough (good energy food). You get through it. Just don't beat yourself up over a few bad runs. Remember tomorrow is a new day.

Sarah said...

She's right. That day I felt like complete S_ _ _, I hadn't eaten good, and had been up with Maddox the night before. YOu are going to do awesome. Just keep reminding yourself, by training all you have, if nothing else, has made you so skinny people think your anarexic (even after having the disorder, I can't spell it HEEHEE)
Love you!