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Friday, January 30, 2009


Ok, so I have some hills to conquer and I haven't been training for hills since my half was on flat ground. Any advice on how to boost my hill running ability in a short period of time? I have no hills around my house but I can run on the treadmill at the gym. What's the best way to make me better FAST?!?!?!?


Marinda said...

I feel so bad for you having to train for hills on the treadmill yuk!! But Sarah put this post up about what Nikki told her to do. It is so hard and I could not do it near as fast as them but I did what I could and it did really help. I just pasted it on this comment this is it. (Put your treadmills on 10% incline and run at 5.0 or higher, for .25 miles get off do a set of weights on your arms or legs if you dare and get back on for another .25. Just keep going back and forth until you get to 4 miles. (I do three sets of 15 when I lift. Rotating with running in between sets.) If it doesn't kick your butt, I am severely out of shape. It's already increasing my endurance and speed, and I have only done it 3 times.) So hope that helps. I know Sarah has really done great doing this and she doesn't have hills around her.

Katrina said...

Oh that seems tough...but I am up for the challenge!! Lots of ppl will be staring at me wondering what the heck I am doing, but oh well! :) Thank you for the advice!

Nikki said...

Hey if you do not want to do weights in between you can just run on a 5 and then drop your speed to 4 and walk for .25 of a mile and then reapeat. The key for me any way is to keep pushing myself. So after you do your hard lap at whatever is a challenge speed for you then drop it to a slower speed the next. You will see results I promise.

chris and kim said...

One thing that has helped me is to run 1 minute at 4mph then 1 minute at 5mph then 1 min. at 6mph then 1 minute at 7mph. Then repeat again starting at 5mph for 1 min. the 6mph for 1 minute then 7 mph for 1 min. then 8mph for 1 minute. I do that whole thing twice starting from 4.0. Run normal then pick up your speed for 2 minutes and gradually add a little time to the duration of the increased speed.
Really I don't know but my friend who ran track at BYU told me to do this.?? Good Luck!