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Monday, February 22, 2010


I know I'm not running with you girls this time but I feel this energy to run harder right now like I should be! What a great group you have this year. I know you will take 1st! I am going to go hang with Nikki and we can drown our sorrows while sending you positive energy! Go for it girls. When it's all over I will hitting all of you up to see who is on for the Wasatch Back. Lots of people around me are getting teams together already and so I am excited already. Zhalore asked me to captain us up so I will be knocking on your doors after you relax! Plus, I want our team to kick butt in June so if we have to get some more girls I want to get the best before they are on other teams! Run Girlies Run!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ragnar has changed there reflective vest policy. You now have to have 4 vest at time of check in, instead of 2. So if you have a vest please bring it. I have 2 I am bringing. At night, you can not be out of the vehicle without a vest on. They sound like they are really going to be crackin' down on it this year. So the more vest we have the better. Also we need at least 2 headlamps per vehicle. So if you have one bring it. Thanks guys! Can't wait to see you all!


I am soooo ready for the race! Last night I did my last hard hill workout. I'll do one more long run this weekend and one short run next week. I'm so anxious to win that gold!! :-) Hope you all are just as excited as I am! See you all in one week! Safe travels to all you girls out of town/state.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I went running Sat. with Katrina and Lori and it was a lot of fun. It makes runs go by so much faster. Lori is going to do soo good and Katrina did great. She is definitely ready for the race. Just had to brag on my running partners. I am getting so excited.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We will be meeting at Lori's sister's house at 4:30pm on Thurs. She is making us a yummy spaghetti dinner again. Here is her address: 3500 E. Red Oak Lane Gilbert, AZ 85297. If you get lost call Lori (928)240-0293. Then we will part ways- Van 1 will head up to Prescott and spend the night there. Van 2 will be staying in Scottsdale, and heading up to Prescott in the morning.

Here are van assignments in case you've forgotten. Stephanie is having our names printed in vinyl, so we decided to go with Nicknames.

Van 1
Marinda- "Mighty Mouse"
Lori- "Sexy Legs Neslson"
Karleen- "Dumpster Diver"
Raquel- "Survivor o9'"
Katrina- "KK Cruiser"
Misty- "Party in a Package"

Van 2
Sarah- "The Missle"
Alison- "The Terminator"
Nikki- "Not yet Legal"
Zhalore- "ZhaZha The Chafing Queen"
Erika- "Wilde Woman"
Stephanie- "Speedy Steph"

So exited! Can't wait to see you all! Here is my list
I will be going by.

Sarah's list for packing
sleeping bag
toothbrush and paste
shampoo,soap,and things to make me pretty
Towel washcloth
deodorant(this is mandatory for Van 2)
Visor or hat
night vest
head lamp
reflector light (to put on back of vest)
2 long sleeve shirts for under race shirt.
1 Windbreaker just in case
1 pair of gloves (the night runs can get cold)
running shoes
1 running shirt for night run.
I will bring team shirts for both daytime runs
1 pair of running pants
2 Capri
1 shorts
4 pairs of Socks and UNDERWEAR(ALSO MANDATORY FOR VAN 2)Unless you go commando style.
comfy clothes and slip on shoes for when I'm not running
1 pair of jammies
bag for my smelly clothes
I separate my outfits and put them in ziplock bags. Then you can put your smelly running clothes in the ziplock bag that you took your clean clothes out of. Works well for me. This is just my list you can add to or take off, well except for deodorant, that can not be taken off the list!
$27 for Thursday night room (Van 1 give to Marinda ~ Van 2 give to Sarah)
$22 for shirts ( give to Sarah)
$5 for Spaghetti dinner (give to Lori's sister)
$15 To borrow van and to feed Volunteers (give to Lori)
$20 for gas (van 1 give to Lori ~ Van 2 give to Sarah)
We will go to the Grocery store Thursday night. Everyone can just pick out there own food and pay separately. They do have shirts and things you can buy at the race if you're interested.
If you have any questions call me 520 572-9191

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Kick-my-@$$ Workout

I did Sarah and Nikki's hill/lifting workout on the treadmill for 4 miles last night! I tried it once before and it killed me so I didn't really do it like they said to do it. Although, I lowered the incline from what the "animals" run at so I could do it-I ran at a 7-8% incline the whole time and lifted in between. I was getting wierd looks from people around me at the gym. They probably thought I was crazy!! (I guess I am for doing this) Towards the end I was pooped, but I pushed myself and felt so strong and accomplished. When my calves were on fire and I couldn't breathe, I thought of Dez's strong spirit and that we WILL be taking the gold for her (and McCoy!) and I kept telling myself that I didn't want Sarah to have to run with me up a hill this time. :-) I'm really proud of myself for running 4 miles up a hill. Still not sure if I could do it continuously and not stop, but hey, I accomplished 4 miles no matter what so I was happy with myself. Thanks Sarah and Nikki for a great workout!! Can't wait to see you all!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New tunes

Okay Ladies I need some new tunes! What are your favorite running songs?
I am so excited to meet all of you in a couple of weeks! Hope all of your training is going well!