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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What the crap?

I don't know if the Marathon sucked all the life out of me or what. I ran 12 today and I felt like I had never ran before. I took a week off to try and feel my quads as they normally should and so Tuesday I did an easy 5 and today I thought I can go far. I only did an 8:30 average and I am not pregnant just old and tired. Karleen are you announcing something if so wooohooo girl you rock and if your not announcing something woohoo you still rock. I can't even function prego let alone run. I am so excited to be with all of you and instead of making myself sick with worry I am just going to come and laugh my head off with all of you and do my best. I feel like I have the endurance but not a tremendous amount of speed increase. (It's cause I turned 40) Can't wait to play I just hope the weekend we run it will be a little cooler instead of hotter.


Karleen said...

Yes I guess I should announce that I am pregnant. Due December 7th, so I am only 12 weeks. I hope I don't pop out a lot by June 19th or I may be wearing depends while I run. I already feel like I am peeing my pants when I run. Oh man I hope you can take immodium when you are pregnant or I maybe wearing the depends for more than one thing.

Deni said...

Congratulations Karleen! You and Kati are due around the same time.

I think the fact that you are running while pregnant is amazing.

Katrina said...

Congrats Kar!!! You are such a stud for doing this while preggers...just like Molly was! You kill any times I've ever had and you are pregnant. Makes me feel like a thanks for that. :o) I really feel for you if you can't take immodium...OH NO!! lol

Katrina said...

oh ya...and Kim...I couldn't run for 2 weeks after Del Sol because my legs killed me. So, don't complain that you can run 12 miles one week after a freakin' marathon!! ;o) I've made a commitment that I am running the PF Chang's Marathon in San Diego next May!! Yay me...I am offically CRAZY!

Sarah said...

Kim great job on your 12 miler. 8:30 min pace is amazing! Especially after just running a marathon! Your crazy girl! Can't wait to see ya again!