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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mixed Emotions (New Van Assignments)

I know some of you already know, but for those that don't, My sister Nikki is not going to be able to run Del Sol with us this year. I am very sad and disappointed, but know that it's the best decision for her and her family. We will miss her fun competitive attitude, and her ear muffs she calls headphones. We were all hoping to see her run with toilet paper sticking out her shorts again, But we do understand and only want the best for her and her family. We love you! Hang in there!!

On the upside we have one of my AWESOME friends from Utah joining us. Erika Wilde will be taking her place. We are going to Rock out to Bon Jovi Wed. night and then kick some Ragnar trash Friday. Since my sister is unable to run we have looked over the legs and decided to change things up a bit, well ALOT...Here are the new van and leg assignments.

Leg 1 Marinda
Leg 2 Karleen
Leg 3 Lori
Leg 4 Raquel
Leg 5 Katrina
Leg 6 Misty

Leg 7 Nikki (my niece)
Leg 8 Erika
Leg 9 Alison
Leg 10 Zhalore
Leg 11 Sarah
Leg 12 Stephanie

Sorry we scrambled things up. Hope everyone is excited, and if your not get your butt excited! We are going to have lots of FUN! Can't wait to see you all. I will let you know what time we start once I find out.


Katrina said...

Nikki, I am sad you won't be joining us! I'll miss your smiling face and lots of laughter...and those funky earmuffs you call headphones! Please know your family is in my prayers. Love ya!

lori said...

This sucks Nikki, I'm not going to lie!!!! I am so sorry, I wish I could take all the pain, stress, emotion; everything that hurts away from you. I wish you the very best and please know that you are constantly in our family prayers. I'm going to miss you so much. Give Des a big hug and kiss for me.

Erika Wilde said...

I am SOOOO excited to join you fast women for this race. Having this race to train for will totally get me through the Utah winter. I can't wait to meet you all (I just know Sarah, Alison and Zhalore) and race hard for you guys. I hear we have a first place finish to bring home!

BTW, Mom's Found Therapy... what a great name. I have four kids (three of them preschoolers) and running is TOTALLY my therapy. Well, running and food!

Zhalore said...

AAAHHHH...I was excited for leg 5. But Leg 10 will be good since it's the same one as last year, I can try and beat my times. Nikki, we will miss you so much! But, welcome Erika, it will be fun to have you on our team!