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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I want to tell Kim thanks for being so much fun and that we are going to miss her. We are really said that you won't be with us. We will see you next time. Tell Em we love her and miss her.


Katrina said...

Awww...where are you going Kim?!?! We will def miss your smiling face out there!

chris and kim said...

I am so sad I really want to be with all of you because I really believe we can take 1st place! Especially if everyone trains it can totally be done. I had to decide between the fam going to D.C. or some other things but I will definitely be there next time if I'm allowed back in. Budgets Suck! I will be doing the Wasatch Back for sure so Katrina come here for that one.

Marinda said...

Kim I am so sad you won't make it. You are so much fun so is Em. Tell her hi and have fun on your family trip. We will see you next time.

McCleary Ways said...

You guys are awesome I will train my booty off so you wont even see me pass when I fly by!! Just let me back on the team, one year down, one more in VA....then its go time!!!