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Saturday, January 3, 2009

DEL SOL 2009

Zhalore - LEG 1
Kim - LEG 2
Lori - LEG 3
Molly - LEG 4
Val - LEG 5
Emmily - LEG 6

Amy - LEG 7
Marinda - LEG 8
Nikki - LEG 9
Raquel - LEG 10
Sarah - LEG 11
Karleen - LEG 12

Here are the leg assign. If anyone is not happy with their leg, contact the person you would like to trade with. Keep in mind any leg you have is going to take training. There is really not an easy leg on this new course. But don't let that sike you out. As long as you are trying to run 5-6 days of week you should do fine.

Also I think the best place to meet is in Phoenix. We need to leave extra vehicles there, because that is where the race ends. We can leave vehicles with family that live down there. I am getting rooms in Prescott. They will cost us approximately $25 a piece. The cost of the Vans will be $20 a piece. We will split the cost of gas, and not sure how much that will be. Hopefully the gas prices will continue dropping. If you have any questions please contact me. 520 572-9191 or
Please continue to check your email and our team blog for more details. Thanks again for joining me on this adventure. Yes, I know it seems like alot of work, but it is SOOOOO worth it. I promise you will have fun!

One more thing, you girls from Utah are probably going to want to stay the night in phoenix before heading home. If my husband makes it home from Maryland, I might just stay too.
Thanks again,


Marinda said...

Sarah love the new look and music on the blog. Lori is keeping me going and I am so greatful for that. Our first run after the holidays about killes us. Or at least Lori said it killed her. Sometimes I think she just says that to make me feel better. I really can not wait. Thanks for doing all the work.

Nikki said...

Sarah I like the blog. And I agree with Marinda thank you for all of your hard work with the races. You are for sure the WOMAN!!