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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hi Team!! Thank-you, Karleen, for inviting me to join the blog.
Allow me to introduce myself; I am Molly Reynolds, Valerie's sister-in-law (our hubby's are brothers). I live in Queen Creek, AZ and I am so excited to be involved in Mom's Found Therapy (what an appropriately named team - love it).
I began running two years ago about six months after my daughter was born. I also have a seven-year-old son. I started running to shed the baby weight and have been hooked ever since! I started entering races just to be around other people who love the sport. I am not a competitive runner, but just enjoy getting out and having the time to exercise my body while giving my brain a little vacation. My husband, Olen, is always glad to hold down the fort so I can go out for a run! ;)
I sure wish I had the support group that Val has in Heber/Overgaard. I run on my own right now about five to six miles a day, usually with my daughter in her jogging stroller (she gets bored after mile five and starts throwing her dolls over the side). I am working my distance up a mile each day and a half, though. I run a steady 10-minute mile and am practicing my up-hills. It's tough to find hills out here, but I'm working on it. My major worry is the elevation difference. I am open to any advice or training tips that could help me prepare these next thrity-something days before the race.
Here are some pictures so you can put a face with the name.

This is me (on the right) Thanksgiving 2007 at the Turkey Trot 10K.

Here is me and Valerie this past Thanksgiving Day 2008.
Other than the elevation shock, freezing my tail off and Val kicking my trash on the uphill, I had a blast.

Thanks, again for having me on the team. I've already told Val; but I am a little nervous about my preformance compared to you other runner logging ten-plus miles a day. I run to maintain my sanity and jean size. But I will always do my best and am so excited for the big day.
I am a fellow blogger. If you want to learn more about me, stop on by anytime!

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Katrina said...

Hi Molly,

I am concerned about the elevation change also! I can do the long runs here in Phx, but don't know how I'll do in the high country!! What do you other gals think?