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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Light is at the end of the Tunnel

I really believe that we will be able to run outside Utah people soon. The air is suppose to be better at the beginning of next week and I am out and off the dang treadmill come hell or high water! I can't wait to be with all of you it is going to be so much fun. I am sad as this is my sister Emilee's last hoooraaay with me before she moves to Virginia for 2 years. She is so much fun and I love her 2 boys as my own so we need to definitely have a blast. She flys out the following Monday after the race so as excited as I am for her I am sad for me as she seriously is one of my best friends. We kicked some butt at the half marathon and felt pretty good about our efforts. We finished doing about a 8:34 minute mile and the sun on our faces was therapeutic. Everyone sounds great and you inspire me! Keep it up. Also, do we want to get twinner shirts for the race? Or should we just at least have the same color and everyone could go to Target and get 3 different colored shirts that we agree on any ideas? just let me know!!! Kick some booty out there!


Karleen said...

Good Job everyone. You are really starting to make me worry. I hope I can keep up with everyone. Actually I hope I can finish my runs. I'm definately not as motivated for this run as I was for Wasatch, but I am so looking forward to the race it is going to be so fun.

McCleary Ways said...

AH sister that was so nice!! Lets just hope we dont spend all of our last weekend together sweating and swearing!! Love ya!! Lets go kick some butt!!

Nikki said...

Hey we actually have already ordered some shirts for the race. I can't remeber how much they are but we did order some. Also they are tank tops. I hope that is okay. Good job on your race. Ya'll are awesome. I am with Karleen I hope that I can finish my race too. I haven't ran outside since before Thanksgiving. I have been on the dreaded tread mill. I have been getting bored of that so I started doing more strength training and I can barely walk. I am afraid that my running may suffer because I haven't given it my all. Oh well it will still be fun. See you guys in a few. Oh any those of you riding with me to AZ I will let you know what time we are leaving and all of the fun details.