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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am DYING!!! I wouldn't recommend taking off a month and a half from all exercise and eat like a pig. I was going to start back up on my exercising and running January 1st, but then I got sick. So I started back this week with Tae Bo and weights and running. Any small amount of muscle I did have is GONE! I'll be lucky if I can get 15 miles in this week. I am so mad at myself for taking so much time off. I guess I've learned my lesson. It sounds like you all are doing great on your miles. Keep it up. You Rock!!


Nikki said...

I think it is so hard to train during November and December. There are too many parties and family get togethers. It is so hard to even get your daily activites done, much less throwing in training for a February race. I think we all trained less the last 2 months.

Karleen said...

Don't stress I for sure have not trained as much this race as I did for Ragnar. I am not training with the Nazi this race so I definately will not be near as in shape as last time, but it is going to be a blast and that is all that matters.-Karleen

chris and kim said...

I am running the half marathon this Saturday the 17th and so we shall see how in shape Kim really is. I feel like I've trained for it but this snow and cold kind of zaps my zest to really give it all I have. It is suppose to get up to high 50's so that will feel awesome. Wish me luck. My sister Em is running too so it will either scare us into training harder for Del Sol or make us feel good about our efforts.