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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hey guys a little upadate on my training. I ran five miles today and almost passed out. I have sworn off sugar and went to decaf diet Coke and all it's gotten me is, passing out after a five mile run. I think I'm going back to my old ways!!! The hard stuff, Reg.Diet Coke and all the chocolate I can eat! My goal is 30 miles this week anyone with me?


Marinda said...

Lori and I should be really close to that now if we keep up our long on one Saturdays. So count us in.

Karleen said...
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Sarah said...

I have ran 20 miles this week...Only 10 more to go! Yay!!!!

Nikki said...

How did your half marathon go? I hope it went great. See you in a few weeks.