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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Sorry! I have been neglecting my Capt duties. I won't make excuses though... I will just be better. I have talked to someone about shirts. We are ordering a pink and purple. they are my nieces favorite colors. Van1 will ware there purple shirts there first run and pink for there last run. Van 2 will do the opposite, then when we get pictures at the end we will have half in pink and half in purple. They will say Mom's Found Therapy Runs For Dez on the front and then have sponsors on the back. i think all of you know by now, but our sweet niece (Nikki's daughter) has just been diagnosed with AML Leukemia...Yes on top of her Crohn's disease. We really want to Race for her. It means alot to her when we run for her. If anyone has a hard time training, just think of my niece. If she can go through all she's going through with a sweet smile on her face, the least we can do is RUN. I know it keeps me going even when I want to wimp out, because I would rather be outside then the treadmill. So if you need a little motivation think of her. Lets try to bring home a bat ton for her. Also I need Shirts sizes by the end of the week. If I don't get your size I will order what you wrote down when you registered. I have not got a starting time yet, but when I do I will let you know and we'll start making plans. I will also be posting my packing list that you can use if you like. Can't wait to see you all!!!

Steph, If you want to stay in Phoenix Thursday night I think Chris and I will be staying there with some friends. I know Chris would love to see you guys.


Katrina said...

My heart broke when I read this...I didn't know Dez has Leukemia now. I am soooooo sorry and heart broken. That little girl has gone through so much. If there is anything you need help with, please let me know. I will do anything you need me to do. Knowing what she is going through will def help me train harder and push myself even more.

chris and kim said...

You girlies kick butt!!!!! I am so sad I won't be with you but you get that 1st place slot! I will be thinking of you. We love Dez