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Thursday, January 7, 2010


I went running for the first time since I had my baby. This picture says it all. 6 weeks till the race that is awesome. OH HELP!!!


desmon said...

Karleen that is awesome. I wish I could of seen you. Desmon said it best she said "Karleen is just like Sarah they both think they are out of shape but they really aren't". You will do just fine. And remember I am expecting you guys to bring home the gold for Desmon, we will accept nothing else. Just kidding. You girls make Desmon proud wearing shirts in her honor. She loves it. Have fun and remeber just don't hit anyone with race bible.

Stephanie said...

It gets easier really fast, at least that was my experience this time. The 1st week was bad and then it felt good again, or at least it no longer felt like things were going to fall out. You will be fine :)

Karleen said...

Thanks Nikki and Stephanie. I promise Dez I am out of shape. I felt better when I was running 8 mos pregnant. Stephanie thanks I hope it will be like that, but I have a feeling you were more in shape after having a baby than I ever have been. I am going to keep it up and hopefully it will get easier.

Katrina said... will still be faster than me, so don't be so hard on yourself! Nikki, will you invite me to Dez's blog so I can stay updated and pray accordingly. My mom also asks about her a lot and sends her love and prayers. My email is Thanks!!

HotChoc said...

Karleen I would start doing some short workouts involving hills. You'll get back in shape in no time. I'm so impressed that your going to be running so much so close to having a baby! This is going to be fun! Alison