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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I wanted to thank Raquel for getting volunteers together for our race. She told me that she thought of it while running and that she gets most of her good ideas while running so she may not ever get to stop running. Raquel tell Dalton and Steven thanks so much for doing this and Lori let Hannah know that we are so excited she is willing to help. It is coming so fast and I am getting a little wigged out.


Karleen said...

Thanks so much guys. I know this takes a lot of stress off of Sarah. Thanks Sarah for being so organized and taking care of everything for us.

Katrina said...

Yes, tell them thank you so much!! I was trying to come up with volunteers and I couldn't find anybody who was willing to do it. So, thank you so much for them being willing to do it!!!

Zhalore said...

Thanks for all the work you Arizona gals have done to put this race together! It will be a lot of fun. THANKS!