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Sunday, January 31, 2010

London's 1/2 marathon

Me, Marinda, our friends Amy and Shauna all went and ran in London's Run this past weekend. It was SOOOOO much FUN! London's Run was put together for a little girl who had AML Leukemia like my niece Desmon. We decided to go run it in Desmons honor! It was an emotional run that kept me pushing through the whole race. Marinda decided to do it a week before the race. She hadn't been running at all, because of 3 feet of snow and sick little ones. It was our first 1/2 marathon. She did at a 9:13 pace. I am soooo proud of her. No training and does it under a 9:30 min. pace! WOW! My friend Amy started running for her first time in November. The 1/2 marathon was her first race ever. She did it in a 10:08 min. pace! She is AWESOME! My goal was an 8min pace, and I did it in a 7:50min pace. I am so excited! I thought we all did AWESOME! I'm so proud of us for reaching our goals. We kept Desmon in our minds and heart the whole race and it really kept us pushing! She has endured sooo much and I know if she keep going, we can keep running. So keep training and lets do it for DEZ!
P.S. I resubmitted our team pace, so we should be getting our start times next week. And then we will make some plans.


Karleen said...

Wow! you guys are awesome. I told Marinda I wish I could have been there. At the finish line cheering you on of course. Way to go Sarah that is so good. Good job you guys look great.

Katrina said...

Congrats ladies!! You killed it!

Marinda said...

I had so much FUN!! Thanks so much for talking me into it Sarah. I am so proud of myself for even trying. All of my sisters have made me a better person. I Love you guys!! Dez I thought of you the whole time. I love you so so much.

desmon said...

You guys did awesome. I am so proud of all of you. You guys are going to kick butt at the Del Sol

Zhalore said...

You all are amazing!! You finished with awesome times! I'm proud of you!!!!!