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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New kid on the Block

So I am needing to make travel arrangements and am wondering if any of you can give me the low down. When do we get our start time? I hear that some stay in a hotel in Prescott on thursday night, does this apply to Van 2 also? Do we make assignments for food, water, etc, or do we bring our own? What is the weather generally?
Hope that everyone's training is going well!!!


Katrina said...

Hey Stephanie! I am not sure about the hotel and the details for the night before the race starts. I've actually been thinking about getting on here and asking if we know those plans. As far as the weather, it will be cold friday morning when we start. It gets cold when the sun goes down as well. Last year I ran at 11 at night and I wore pants and long sleeved shirt. During the day you can wear shorts. We will go grocery shopping all together and split the bill...or that's what we did last year and I assume we will do that same. Hope that answers some of your questions. :-)

Marinda said...

Sorry we are all a little behind on planning. Sarah and I were just talking about how soon it is and we are going to kick it into gear. We have had so much going on in our family. Our little Dezy has so much on her right now and I think it has been all we can or want to think about. We will split groceries and I am sure we will stay the night at the starting line. We will get together and make some decisions. Sorry we aren't meaning to leave everyone in the dark.

Stephanie said...

Marinda and Sarah-
I hope that you are not feeling pressure, there is still time. I know I am in Oregon but if there is anything I can help with please let me know! I was the captain of my Hood to Coast team and I know how much work it is! I am planning on getting a hotel in Prescott with my husband and baby on Thursday night. It would be fun if it was the same hotel so that I can visit/prepare with everyone. Let me know when you decide. I am trying to pump the least amount of time so that is why my hubby and baby will be with me that night. Sorry in advance to all in my van who will have to hear that wonderful sound some :) Let me know what I can do to help!!!