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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Okay team. How is your training? Let's see mine oh yeah IT SUCKS!!!!! So I try to run at the JCC that is next to the hospital, which is actually so nice because they let you use the facility for free if your kids are in the hospital. It is great except sometimes your kids are not always in a state that you can leave them. I am so excited for all of you. It makes me so sad when I see the pictures from the last races that I was there with you all. I am going to be thinking of you all during your race. Please keep me updated with texts. Oh and Erika thanks for the card it was very nice of you. Have lots of fun for me. It isn't hard to have fun with that group though. Good luck to all of you.


Katrina said...

We are going to miss you Nikki!! We will keep you up all night long with texts. haha My training is back in full swing. The holidays totally suck for training. My half marathon is this weekend, so that will be a true test to see how much I need to kick it in gear. I know I need to work on hills...go figure! That is my goal for the next month until our run. How is everybody else doing???

Marinda said...

Nikki everytime I run up stonebridge I think of the first time I ran it with you. Our conversation went like this.
me "I can't do this"
you "Yes you can"
me "I am going to throw up"
you "no your not"
me "I am going to stop"
you "No your not"
Thanks so much for pushing me I would have never done it without you. And just to let you know I ran it 6 time with Lori last week. All because of you. Love you.

lori said...

Nikki (aka the Missile)You'll be back! And I pitty the fool that has to run by you, around you, near you...etc. You would be so proud of Marinda, she is charging up stone bridge! We'll make sure to keep you posted. I want to win this for des, she keeps me going!!
Love ya and think about you often!