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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Dream

I have dreams where I am running as fast as I can and feel great. I don't even get tiered and I am smiling and just running loving life. SO I wake up and think today will be great. Then about 5 minutes into my run reality hits and I am no longer loving life or how I feel, BUT I keep going. So things aren't all wonderful but I am still training and looking forward to the race.


Deni said...

Marinda, when I first started running 5 years ago, I remember thinking I could never run farther than 2 miles. It was too hard. I was on a run one day with some neighbors and there was a 1/2 marathon going on that overlapped our route. One of the ladies in our ward was running it and we passed her. I asked her how she could possibly run that far. She told me that if I could just make it past the 3-4 mile mark, I could run forever. I didn't believe her.

I put her to the test, and you know, I made it. It may hurt later, but it is possible.

I am hardly consistent. Much less than I wish I was. I'm just really good at letting myself down.

Congratulations on getting out there...even when it is hard.

Nikki said...

Marinda I have dreams like that too. But I dream that I am kicking everyones but at the olympics and then I wake up too reality. You are awesome and you are my hero. Love you.
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